May 04, 2020

While most salons and spas may still be closed, there are a lot of great ways to create a spa-like experience right in the comfort of your own home. It’s a wonderful way to pamper yourself or your special someone (especially during these stressful times) and say “I love you”.

Here’s some DIY spa hacks we like the best:

Good Tunes & Towels
When someone walks into their favorite spa, there’s an environment that sets the mood. Everything from the soft music that’s playing to the scent in the air, and those plush towels to the refreshing drinks they serve. You can create a relaxing environment at home too.

Mix up a relaxing playlist of tunes which can be instrumental in setting the “spa tone”. A bit of lavender essential oil (or other floral favorites) can offer up the scent you need for relaxation. Pick out your thickest and softest towels. Then create a refreshing “spa water” by slicing up some citrus and adding it to a pitcher with fresh basil, peppermint, or rosemary and diced ginger root.

Facials & Foot Soaks
Nothing says “spa” more than laying down with cucumber slices on your eyes. If there’s a fresh cucumber in the refrigerator, be sure to include a couple slices in these plans for pampering. Even laying slices of the cucumber peel on the forehead and cheeks offers some cool facial hydration. For other DIY face treatments, be creative. Many fabulous facials can be created with natural ingredients you have at home.

Foot soaks give tired feet some much needed rejuvenation. Choose a large bowl or basin filled with warm water and add something like essential oils, uncooked oats, or even mouthwash.

Massage & A Hot Bath
Coconut oil is a fantastic choice for a nice hand, foot, neck, or back massage. Don’t forget to complete the spa day treat by taking some uninterrupted quiet time or enjoy soaking in a hot bath.

Some other delightful things to include in the at-home spa experience are setting out a vase of fresh flowers and sipping hot herbal teas. Take it slow, watch a favorite movie, or finally get to that book you’ve been wanting to read. This at home spa experience is a perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones!