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More Uses For Mouthwash

You may reach for the bottle of mouthwash right after you’ve brushed your teeth, but did you know there are lots more brilliant ways to use this germ-killing plaque preventer? Check out these ideas:

Poison Ivy Be Gone
Put some mouthwash on that wild rash that just won’t seem to quit itching to help dry it out and speed up the healing process. It also may relieve the incessant itching and inflammation.

Sparkling Mirrors and Windows
Alcohol-based, sugar-free mouthwash is great for cleaning glass.

Get Rid Of Nail Fungus
Mixing 1 part mouthwash with 1 part white vinegar can aid in eradicating fingernail fungus. Using a fresh cotton pad for each application, apply the antiseptic solution to the affected nails two to three times each day.

Easy Tick Removal Technique
Soak an old towel in mouthwash and lay it on the area of skin the tick is embedded in. Within a few seconds the tick should release, making it easy to get off of your body.

Bye Bye Bruises
Ouch! Those damaged blood cells beneath the skin lead to the unsightly bruise. Lessen the color’s intensity by gently dabbing some mouthwash on the area each day until the bruise is gone.

Mildewed Tile Scrub
Your floor or wall tile may lackluster and even be sporting some mildew. Using a sponge and mouthwash, you can get those tiles shining thanks to the alcohol content’s ability to cut through mildew. It can eliminate hard water stains as well, such as those on a faucet or shower door.

Soak Those Footsies
Besides being good for getting rid of nail fungus, mouthwash can also soften the feet (and get rid of foot odor). Rough heels will appreciate the “spa” treatment if you soak them in a mouthwash and water foot bath. This oral antiseptic can help fight athlete's foot infection too.

Help Bug Bites and Stings
Whether it’s a mosquito or a bee that has you scratching your skin, some mouthwash applied to the itchy area may bring down inflammation and help stop the itch.

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