Organic Pantyliners

Organic Pantyliners

100% Certified Organic Cotton From Small-Growth Farmers Vegan, Sustainable and Safe

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GOTS- and ICEA-certified Organic Cotton

Strong biopolymer adhesive from Germany that also composts and is animal-free

Flexible material to allow movement and body-cut shape

No weird herbs, no hidden wadding, no nasty chemicals, no perfumes, no dyes

Individual biodegradable and compostable wrap made from potato-starch film

Reusable jute bag, with paper-wrapped refills

Our Supply Chain

We track all of our materials, from soil to packaging, to ensure the most sustainable, good-for-you and the planet processes, at all times


Non-GMO soils without chemicals or pesticides grow our organic cotton in Europe at small-growth farms using regenerative farming practices.


The organic cotton is the ICEA-sustainable and GOTS-organic certified.


We manufacture in the European countryside using water and solar power for most of the production


Our applicators are water-polished fine cardboard from recycled sources. No plastic. Ever.


We ship via container to our Los Angeles warehouse for boxing and packing


We pack in up-cycled jute bags, or recycled cardboard tubes, that create lower CO2 in production than regular boxes that use virgin paper and plastic.


We send refills in recycled paper, and we use bio-mailers that compost.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Tracy J.
New pantiliners

The new pantiliners are a bit too short. And the fibers peel off from the pad. They aren't too bad with absorbancy though.

Rose C.
Pleased with products and customer

Pleased with products and customer service

Jenifer K.
Terrific pantyliners!!!

I was using other “better-for-you” pantyliners and they started to make my sensitive parts very irritated. I decided to try Tampon Tribe since I love their other products. What a great decision! They are thin, easy to insert and absorbent. AND no more irritation. :heart_eyes:

Courtney B.
Pretty good

These pantiliners are pretty good, I really like that they are good for both me and the environment. My only note is that they don't seem to stay put quite as well as other brands I've tried, but I would still recommend them!

Great! Yes, as we are vegan, we don't use animal product-based glue. We use a bioadhesive, which is also biodegradable! We're glad that you love the liners, we are continually improving adhesion etc as well!

reem h.
I like it!

The liners work very well for me. I like how it is organic, toxin free, and cruelty free. And the liners stick well which is very important.