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Organic Pads

Organic Pads

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100% Certified Organic Cotton From Small-Growth Farmers, Vegan, Sustainable And Safe
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product highlights

★ 100% Certified Organic Cotton

★ Gravity Anti-Leak Edges to Keep You Dry

★ Lock-in Absorbency for Dryness

★ With Wings

★ Individually Wrapped

★ Totally Plant-Based and Vegan

★ Safe for your body - no toxins, chemicals, itchy herbs or dyes

★ Zero plastic. Really sustainable! (no green-washing here)

★ Backings made from plants, zero glue, we use a vegan biopolymer

★ Flushable (we don't recommend this, but the pads will biodegrade and not clog systems)

How To Use


Remove the paper back strip, and stick to your undies

Dispose of thoughtfully

Our Sustainability Efforts

We are proudly the only U.S. period product to be totally plastic-free. ☺️

We are so passionate about our planet that we clean up football fields of plastic every month from our oceans.

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Sustainability for people + planet

what makes us better
tribe pads generic/
competitor pads
Top Layer & Absorbent Core 100% Organic Cotton GOTS & ICEA Certified Plastic or synthetic top layer, cellulose/fluff core
Back Sheet & Adhesive Biodegradable plant-based Vegan Bio adhesive Plastic treated with chemicals animal-based glue
Additives No perfume, no super-absorbent, no chemicals With super-absorbent, perfumes and dyes
Chlorine & Chemicals No Chlorine. No Titanium Dioxide Chlorine and Titanium Dioxide
Micro-climate Impact Breathable to reduce Odor and Bacteria Growth Plastic materials creates heat dampness and bacteria
our plastic-free products with safe certifications


Our products meet the rigorous standards set by Cotton Inc., ensuring the highest quality and performance.


Guarantees the use of organic fibers and eco-friendly processes.


Validates our commitment to sustainability in manufacturing.

FSC Biodegradable Paper Certified

Shows our use of responsibly sourced and biodegradable packaging materials.


Assures safety for sensitive skin and allergies.

the difference choosing tampon tribe makes

Reduce Waste

Our products are 100% compostable and biodegradable. We are PFAs-free, and use zero plastics, herbs, scents, chemicals, dyes, glues, and toxins, all of our products compost and biodegrade, even if thrown in the trash, or flushed!

Plastic Waste Prevention

Tampon Tribe is totally plastic-free. More than 7 billion plastic tampon applicators and 12 billion plastic pads hit U.S. landfills every year! We contribute zero to the planet's plastic waste.

Wildlife Support

With Tampon Tribe, you're supporting wildlife by ensuring no plastic waste enters our water systems. We are committed to the longevity of our marine friends and to eliminating plastic pollution in our oceans altogether.
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plastic applicators saved from seas and landfill


carbon offset


sustainable product sold


trees planted