You’re a pad girl – great! Our ultrathin pads are light, breathable, and certified organic cotton. Might as well go with many many pads, 20 in fact!

They’re comfortable and won’t irritate your skin.

Individually wrapped in a starch film – no plastics here, and with a biodegradable polymer for adhesion, you’re saving the planet as well as your body – horay.

Certified organic cotton pads, no toxins or chlorine bleaches. 100%-plastic free.


A mixed selection of 20 Pads. 14 Day Pads and 6 Night Pads.


To your door.  This is a single purchase product.

Easy peasy. Welcome to the Tribe.


Your pads comes in a cute jute bag that has been designed to sit proudly in your bathroom, or take pride of place on a counter.


    Customer Reviews

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    Anna Starks
    Best pads I’ve ever bought!

    I was looking for non-toxic period products. I’ve been buying these pads for several months and am so happy I found this company. I expected anything non-toxic and organic probably wouldn’t work as well or might be uncomfortable, but not only are these pads better for my body but they also work as well or better than many other products and are WAY more comfortable than any product from the typical brands.

    Eugenia L.
    Good absorbancey and glad to

    Good absorbancey and glad to know that they are chemical free

    Kseniia S.
    Hi there! Last time I

    Hi there!

    Last time I bought pads from you in December, and I was overwhelmed how perfectly strong the glue was. My pad were secure and held better than any big brand. I even need to use some effort to remove it from my panties. But with this current delivery, my pads won't stick to panties at all! One just fell down on the floor as I was going to bed from a bathroom. The wings don't hold, they curve in and sticking to the bottom of the pad.
    Did you change your glue formula? The December one was amazing. Or I just got unlucky and something wrong went with my particular order?

    Tampon Tribe
    I love that these pads

    I love that these pads are made from only organic cotton. Other brands I tried just have organic "covers" but are really synthetic or some other type of absorbent. I wouldn't trust anything else, and these also work great. Very thin and absorb. Thank you for bringing us these !!

    Lori H.
    Way better than non organic..

    Way better than non organic.. exactly what I was looking for