March 11, 2020

Our bodies do incredible work keeping us well and fighting off potential hazards every day. Give your immune system some internal boosts with these three easy ways to power-up its abilities.

Good Food Matters

It’s been said, “you are what you eat”, but all cliches aside—food really is fuel. It’s like putting gasoline in your vehicle. You have to have it to run and if you put bad fuel in the tank, it can damage the car and limit mileage efficiency.

An eating lifestyle that avoids drive-thru menus and processed, prepackaged foods is an important start. Choose wholesome, fresh, raw, real food ingredients as they offer your body the most benefit for all the work it does for you.

Real Remedies

Maybe you take a multivitamin and maybe you don’t, but either way when you’re working on boosting immunity, supplements are definitely worth considering. Vitamin C is a go-to for many people and other natural choices could also include echinacea, elderberry, homeopathic remedies (like the popular Oscillococcinum), and herbal teas.

Essential oils are quite common, and when used in a diffuser can be good at improving the air, offering a “scrubbing” of sorts. The enhanced air quality may help in giving your nose and lungs better air to breathe, aiding in combating congestion and stuffiness.

Exercise And Rest

Fitting some exercise into your day is important. (If you feel like you don't have the time or energy, try these “Easy Everyday Exercises” we’ve discussed before.) Walking outdoors and getting some natural light and sunshine is an added boost to your exercise time.

Rest is vital. Not just the “get eight hours of sleep a night” kind of rest, but also ensuring you’re getting the mental rest you need as well. Overworking, excessive worrying, and prolonged anxiety can tax your immune system in some pretty massive ways.

Try not to stress about being stressed though, and ensure you’re taking brain breaks—giving your mind some quiet time. This lets your nerves calm, which adds to overall wellbeing and health.

Immune boosting doesn’t have to be difficult and can really be easily incorporated into everyone’s daily routines. Stay well!