July 22, 2020

Ranked as women’s most hated beauty ritual, if you've ever found yourself halfway through shaving and thinking, “I don’t want to do this anymore”, you’re certainly not alone.

While you may appreciate the dolphin-smooth skin resulting from a good shave, the procedure can leave the most patient of us feeling frustrated even on the best of days. No wonder though considering the average woman spends 72 days of her life shaving her legs. That’s 1,728 hours!

Whether you feel like the chore occurs too often, leaves you with an uneven shave, or covered in razor burn, we’re sharing simple steps to make those hours spent shaving a smoother process.

#1 - Sharp, Clean Razor
Razors have come a long way over time—from single blade, boring colors to multi-blade shavers in a rainbow of styles with built-in moisturizing strips. Whatever type you choose, a clean, sharp blade will make a closer shave more attainable. Avoiding dull blades will also help avoid nicks and cuts.

#2 - Wet Skin
A shave while soaking in the bathtub may result in the smoothest results, but too often the day is rushed and there you are with your leg propped up as you hang over the bathroom sink to shave. Soaking, sink side, or showering—be sure your skin is wet.

#3 - Exfoliate & Use Shaving Cream
Grab a loofah because if you scrub first, you’ll have less dead skin cells to clog up the razor blade, which can contribute to razor burn. Applying a natural shaving cream can soften the hair leaving less irritation.

#4 - Shave The Right Direction
We’ve probably all seen a leg shaving commercial at some point and that upward leg shave, or going against the direction of hair growth, provides smoother, closer results.

#5 - Rinse
Use water to keep your razor clean and the blades free of clogged hair as you go. Then rinse your legs when you’re all finished.

#6 - Make It Last
Moisturizing with natural lotion or coconut oil after shaving can help prevent those little red bumps that sometimes appear. Plus, it makes legs look and feel extra silky smooth. Where you store your shaver matters! Keeping it in a moist environment (like the shower) can increase risk of bacterial or fungal infection, so choose a dry cabinet or drawer instead.

So, strut those legs around—you’re all set for a smoother shave!