December 09, 2019

It smells like you’re on a tropical island vacation...and the same way a splendid getaway can rejuvenate the soul, using coconut oil in beauty routines can refresh our skin and hair.

Here are four incredible ways to enjoy this nutrient-rich, all natural, single ingredient beauty product and why you’ll definitely want to do so:

Extra Gorgeous Hair

Too many haircare products found on store shelves are loaded with potentially harmful chemical ingredients. Opting instead for the simple use of coconut oil as a hair mask or deep conditioner is something your locks will love! This adds healthy shine, can help tame frizz, and even minimize dandruff.

Fresher Face

Coconut oil is naturally moisturizing, antibacterial, and antifungal. This makes it supreme as a face wash, facial mask, and truly gentle eye makeup remover. Rubbing a light bit under the eyes is a mega moisturizer that’s especially wonderful during dry and cold weather.

Stunning Skin

Lotion can be replaced with natural coconut oil for remarkable skin moisture and smoothness. It makes for a great massage oil or shaving cream alternative. Cuticles rejoice, cracked heels can finally heal, and even eczema may be soothed when this tropical ingredient is applied to the skin.

Luscious Lips & Smile

This island scented oil is perfect for dry lips. Rub a little on and feel the hydrating benefits instantly. You can even make your own natural lip scrubs by combining it with a little pink salt or raw sugar. Coconut oil pulling has become quite popular thanks to its bacteria fighting abilities and complementive efforts in teeth whitening.

When you care about your body, need affordable options, and want natural products—it’s easy to see why going crazy for coconut oil is the answer! Here at Tampon Tribe, we incorporate this amazing oil in our own skincare and beauty rituals.