Colorful Beach Ball Floating In Sparkling Clean Pool

Naturally Easy Pool Cleaning

The sun is out, your cool drink is in hand, and your pool floatie awaits. But is your pool water sparkling clean? It can be disappointing to be “all swimsuit dressed up and no place to splash”, so we’re talking about some simple pool maintenance to keep your liquid playplace ready to enjoy every sunny day! (Oh, and the pool cleaning hacks here are all-natural too.)

Scales Are For Fish, Not Your Pool

Instead of reaching for a harsh chemical, try starting with a more natural “green” option for decalcifying. The scales that can build up on your filter and pool pump may just give way to your elbow grease combined with a sponge and basic vinegar solution.

Skimmer Time

If your pool skimmer is ripped and torn or too buried in the shed to find at the moment (organizing tips here), a window screen can stand in and do the trick. If you’ve been thinking about replacing your window screens, this could just be further motivation.

For a finer skim, attach an old pair of pantyhose to your skimmer (once you’ve dug it out of storage of course). This can help in getting more of the tinier debris like dirt and hair out of the water.

Let Toys Do The Work For You

While some pool maintenance obviously takes effort, this trick lets you take the day off so to speak. Throw some tennis balls in and let them float around. Their fuzzy texture will help absorb sunscreen and body oils that can often be seen on the water’s surface.

Lemon Slices - For More Than Just Your Drink Garnish

They seem to just say “summertime”—that lemon wheel sitting on the edge of your margarita glass. Lemons can also add to summer by helping out with those pesky metal stains around the corners of your pool. Simply scrub the citrus directly onto the surface and let the water rinse it away.

Double Benefits

For a detail cleaning around ladder fittings or pool lights, some baking soda and a toothbrush are perfect for scrubbing off algae. At the same time as looking more sparkling, the baking soda can also increase the alkalinity and pH levels of the water. That’s clean and balanced!

So what do you think? A screen, pantyhose, tennis balls, and lemons are just some of the simple ways to help maintain a splash-ready pool, all summer long. Go ahead, go do that cannonball!



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