April 22, 2020

If your wardrobe closet looks like a tornado ripped through the area, you’re not alone. Putting these simple organizing techniques to work will make your closet space fit for a queen.

This second article in our series to get organized is full of easy tips you’ll be glad you tried! (Missed the first one? Read it here!)

1 - Steps To Better Shoe Storage
Say goodbye to the pileup of shoes and boots at the bottom of your closet floor. It’s time to install some shelving or purchase an inexpensive shoe rack online. Be it your sneakers for the gym or your favorite date night heels, you can arrange your footwear by color and shoe type.

2 - Shower Rings To The Rescue
That pile of scarves that you’ve tried to drape over a hanger—which are now more of a wrinkled mess that have slipped off onto the floor—are about to learn how to drape beautifully. Snap a fresh pack of shower rings onto the hanger first, then thread a scarf through each ring. You can now easily see your scarves all hanging neatly and staying in place.

3 - Too High To Reach?
If some of your shelving space is way above your head, consider using bins to put seasonal items such as coats or sweaters in during summertime, or bathing suits and sarong beach wraps in during wintertime.

4 - Don’t Forget The Door
If your closet door is the solid type, be sure to utilize that space by installing hooks for hanging up purses or other fashionable totes.

If you really want your closet to look über orderly, be sure to get hung up on hangers of all the same color. It sounds like a small thing, but makes a big difference in appearance. Going a step further and arranging all your garments by color also offers a major visual improvement.

Our third article on organization will be coming soon. With these quick ideas for the closet, you’ll be saving yourself time and stress as you get dressed. Whether you’re looking for your little black dress or throwing on your favorite oversized sweater, your formally chaotic closet will now be a space of wardrobe calm.