April 15, 2020

One great thing about being quarantined, is all the time you have at home. While no one is probably motivated 100% of the time to do endless cleaning and projects, here are three quick things you can organize in your kitchen and feel productive for accomplishing. (No, you don’t have to tackle the fridge right now.)

1 - The Silverware Drawer

Even if all your forks, spoons, and knives have their own little cubbies in the tray, it’s a good idea to occasionally take them all out to organize this highly accessed drawer. Dump any crumbs out of the tray, wipe or wash down each slot the utensils lay in, and once dry add the silverware back in their spaces in neat orderly stacks.

Throw away old condiment packets that may have taken up residence in the drawer. If you discovered some chopsticks, here’s some nifty ways to put those to work.

2 - Kitchen Counters and Other Drawers

Countertops always do well with a frequent wipedown. Remove the small appliances and wipe the entire surface. Remember, especially now in the time of a disease outbreak, avoid setting mail and dirty groceries on your clean cooking and food prep surfaces.

You’ve already tackled the silverware drawer, now what about the others? You can do the same with the cooking utensils and that drawer of dishcloths and towels. It’s a great time to take them all out, refold, and place them back in the drawer more neatly.

3 - Kitchen Pantry

Whether yours is a walk-in space, more of a dedicated closet, or a few cabinets used for food storage, sorting through the cans and boxes is a good idea.

For one reason, because you can get rid of items that may be way past their “use by” dates. Another reason is rediscovering an ingredient can inspire a new recipe for tonight’s dinner. Knowing exactly what your cabinets contain can help you avoid unnecessary trips to the store.

Hooray! Just a few moments well-spent has your kitchen looking more orderly, clean, and ready to use. Pat yourself on the back for your accomplished projects! Oh, and watch for the next article in our series for easily organizing your home one room at a time.