Four Westside Women Are Stirring the Period Pot

Four Westside Women have teamed up to take tampon and pad subscriptions to levels that only Westside girls know how.

Injecting their own level of Venice-vibe into the burgeoning industry, Tampon Tribe is the epitome of everything that free beach living exudes.

Tampon Tribe is also the first subscription delivery service to include organic cotton pads.

“Here in California, women really care about their bodies,” co-founder Jennifer Eden explained. “Many women use pads and cups, as well as tampons, so we want to make sure that they have organic options available to them.”

“You skin is your biggest organ,” Eden added. “You just have to go organic with all elements of your feminine hygiene, pads and liners included.”

Tampon Tribe sends its first month subscription in a cool burlap bag designed to be seen – monthly refills are delivered in recycled paper bags.

The company is also plastic free.

“There is absolutely no reason to use plastic applicators with tampons,” co-founder Gaby Alves said. “The world is in a dire situation in terms of plastics waste; we use thin cardboard applicators and each product is wrapped in recycled paper. There is no excuse in this day and age to add more plastic to our planet.”


Of course there is the giveback element of Tampon Tribe that the women have been part of for the past year – delivering pads and tampons to homeless women in Venice and Santa Monica.

“We don’t brag about our philanthropic efforts,” Alves added. “It’s just part of doing business for us, it always has been.”

Quickly gaining traction in the Eastcoast-dominated arena, Tampon Tribe’s “movement” is poised to take the company to new heights and is drawing in the crowds with its grassroots approach to development.

The brand launched two weeks ago with comedy night StandUp4Women in Santa Monica that filled the beachside venue Expert Dojo with eight leading female comedians on the bill, and is planning a health and wellness workout and run October 22.

“We’re more than just a business,” Eden explained. “This is the result of 25 years of hard work for both Gaby and me; international living, ups and downs, and then deciding to build a company that can truly change people’s lives.”

“Think Dollar Shave Club of tampons and pads,” Alves added, describing Tampon Tribe as, “Brash, fun, and cool – with an organic and environmental focus.”

“Together we can change the world,” she said. “One organic, plastic-free tampon at a time!”

Tampon Tribe is currently pre-selling subscriptions on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo with prices as low as $5 a month. Head to for more. 

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Article’s Author: Westside Today Staff
Article Originally Published On: October 16, 2016