Our 10 Favorite Subscription Boxes for Spring 2019

Congratulations, you survived winter... which means it's time to give yourself a gift to celebrate. Whether you want to refresh your beauty cabinet after spring cleaning or make your life easier before summer hits, subscription boxes are one of the best ways to discover new products, remind yourself of past loves, and save money in the process. There's something for everyone (and every price point); including health-conscious meal kits, fresh beauty picks, and even monthly subscription services that'll deliver your go-to products (think: feminine hygiene products, toothpaste, and razors) to your door without any effort on your part.

Seriously, what better way to kick off the season — full of longer days, warmer weather, and fresh blooms — than with an affordable box of goodies, ranging from beauty, home, tech, and more? We promise, they'll inspire you to give your body (and house!) the care it deserves.

Image via @moonbox.co

SEE NEXT PAGE: Green Chef, $79/box (includes three two-serving meals)

Green Chef, $79/box (includes three two-serving meals)

Now that hibernation season is over, you have no excuses to fill up on hearty (aka mostly unhealthy) comfort meals. With a weekly meal kit from Green Chef, you can make flavor-packed meals in 40 minute tops. Best of all: The kits, which can arrive weekly, biweekly, or monthly, cater to your dietary needs and preferences, no matter if you're testing out the keto diet or are a loyal vegan.

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SEE NEXT PAGE: Moonbox, $34

Moonbox, $34

You've cleaned your house; now it's time to do the same with your soul. Subscribe to Moonbox for a "month-long check-up for your soul" — aka crystals, artisan products, a guided meditation, and moon guide. With this box, you can read up on each month's theme and learn how and when to use each product during specific lunar phases so that you can feel at one with nature, the world, and most importantly, yourself.

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SEE NEXT PAGE: Billie Starter Kit, $9

Billie Starter Kit, $9

There's nothing worse than hopping in the shower and realizing that your razor is old, rusty, and totally useless — and it's even worse during sundress season. Instead of having to settle for unwanted razor burn or fuzzy legs this spring, get this nifty kit (which comes equipped with two 5-blade razors) sent straight to your door. Heck, to avoid the last-minute convenience store runs altogether, opt for subsequent cartridge refills every one, two, or three months.

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SEE NEXT PAGE: FabFitFun's Spring Box, $49.99

FabFitFun's Spring Box, $49.99

Since you survived winter and all, you deserve a treat. Enter FabFitFun, a popular quarterly subscription box packed with the best in beauty, fitness, fashion, home, and tech. Whether you're dying to test out the latest and greatest in makeup or want to spruce up your home after spring cleaning, this box will give you the chance to try something new or rediscover old favorites, for a fraction of the price.

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SEE NEXT PAGE: Woken Coffee, $25 - $54

Woken Coffee, $25 - $54

Awake from your winter slumber with a non-stop flow of espresso from Woken Coffee. Unlike other brands on the market, these espresso pods, which are compatible with most home machines, are totally compostable, which means you don't have to feel guilty about brewing your morning caffeine boost. Start by choosing how much espresso you want (read: need) — 40, 60, or 80 cups — and then choose between their three blends to tailor to your taste buds.

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SEE NEXT PAGE: Spiritú Spring Box, $40

Spiritú Spring Box, $40

If your Marie Kondo obsession has inspired you to fill your space with things that spark joy, look no further than Spiritú. This quarterly subscription box is packed with $160 worth of lifestyle and beauty products, ranging from gold hoop earrings to luxe deodorant, sourced directly from Latina entrepreneurs in the United States and artisans in Latin America. So, you can feel good, do good, and look good all that the same time. Win, win, win.

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SEE NEXT PAGE: Baze, $69

Baze, $69

Your goals of exercising and eating right slowly took a turn come February because, well, half-price Valentine's Day chocolate. Baze, a buzzed-about wellness brand, believes the best way to get your health under control is by knowing exactly what nutrients your body is craving. Take its easy-to-use blood test right at home, send it in, and then you'll be sent a 4-week supply of daily vitamins based on your deficiencies. That way you're not wandering around the vitamin aisles — or worse, taking something that your body doesn't need.

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SEE NEXT PAGE: Hello Natural Toothpaste Monthly Subscription ReplenishMINT, $4 - $7

Hello Natural Toothpaste Monthly Subscription ReplenishMINT, $4 - $7

Okay, so no one enjoys going to the store to buy toothpaste. Even worse, no one likes running out of toothpaste (especially before a big meeting or date night). With Hello, you can get as many natural toothpastes, mouthwashes, and toothbrushes you, your S.O., or your family need to be delivered to your door every one, two, or three months. An added bonus: They'll throw in a free toothbrush for every tube purchased.

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SEE NEXT PAGE: Tampon Tribe Monthly Subscription, $10

Tampon Tribe Monthly Subscription, $10

International Women's Day inspired you to take charge of your life, career, relationship, and hey, even your cycle. Tampon Tribe, a company founded by fellow #girlbosses, lets you customize a box of plastic-free and organic cotton tampons, pads, and pantyliners, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit every body. Tailor the box to your flow: Pick from the one, three, six, or twelve month option.

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SEE NEXT PAGE: Eterno The Time Eraser, $35

Eterno The Time Eraser, $35

Since you'll want to go sans makeup once the weather warms up, opt for a monthly fulfillment of this must-have eye cream — it noticeably reduces dark circles, under eye wrinkles, and (not-so-designer) bags. Sure, you can buy it at a flat rate of $55... or you can save $20 by subscribing to monthly refills (we'll take the latter).

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