5 Organic Subscription Tampon Boxes Making Periods Eco and Easy (Really!)

There’s a new wave of cool in wellness hitting our Instagram feeds, and it might not be what you expect: organic period subscription boxes.

Once upon a time your tampons would be the last thing you wanted on display in your bathroom, let alone your social media feed, but women are finally opening up about their periods, for good reason.

It’s time to demand safe feminine care that doesn’t cost the environment and allows women to embrace their bodies without any period shame. After all, do we really need perfume in our pads? And in what world does bleaching tampons make sense?

Plenty of women agree, and it turns out a few have even made it their entrepreneurial mission to spread the word. Meet the period subscription boxes making your time of the month greener, cleaner, and (maybe the most exciting part) way more convenient!

Meet the New Cool: Organic Period Subscription Boxes

1. Kali

According to co-founders Sara and Jonna, friends don’t let friends use non-organic tampons – we’d have to agree. While period gear may not be the usual thing you’d gift to a friend (you’re close, but maybe not that close?), the ultra chic vibe of Kali’s boxes make them an exception. You can customize your subscription to include regular and super tampons, or pads with panty liners. The standard monthly subscription box (there are some less frequent options, too) comes with non-toxic wipes and a natural beauty product to perk you up, and you can cancel at any time.

Quantity: 14 tampons or 16 pads per box (plus 10 liners in every box).
Price: $19.95
Delivered: First of the month (when you subscribe before the 20th).
Good deeds: $1 of every box sold is donated to Girl Up, the United Nations Foundation’s campaign for empowering adolescent girls around the world.


2. Lola

It’s time to get smart about your periods, and Lola is on hand to make it a whole lot easier. The range of products for your lady garden is pure and simple, made from one hundred percent organic cotton and that’s all. Why would you need anything else? Every woman’s period is different, and Lola just get it. No matter what your flow is or how it varies, the option to get as many or as little of each different absorbency you need in your box will have you covered. You can also tailor the amount of boxes you receive, so you’re not caught short or left stockpiling extras. If you don’t get the amounts quite right the first time around, you can always adjust your no-commitment subscription, too!

Quantity: 18 tampons, 12 pads or 24 liners per box.
Price: $9 – $24
Delivered: Depending on when you placed your first order, and frequency of delivery is customizable.
Good deeds: Lola donate its range of period products to low-income women across the U.S. who often go without.


3. Cora

If you’re all about discretion, your heart might skip a beat when you cast your eye over what Cora has to offer. Silent wrappers, handbag capsules, and stylish clutches are some of the reasons you might even look forward to your monthly visitor with this subscription. Well, a girl can dream! All tampons are made from certified organic cotton, but if you’re more of a pads kind of girl you won’t find any here. Opt for a month to month renewal where you can cancel at any time, or every three months to a year to save a little extra dollar.

Quantity: 6 – 24 tampons per box.
Price: $7 – $18
Delivered: Every three months. Date is dependent on when you place your first order.
Good deeds: For every month’s supply purchased, Cora give the equivalent of a month’s supply to girls and women in need in India. Rather than directly donating products, sales are used to feed into a local manufacturing and supply chain for producing sustainable pads.


This is L

4. This Is L.

Sometimes all you crave during your time of the month are fuss-free solutions that require minimum effort (hello, hormonal fatigue). This is L. keep things simple, as building your box is almost like grabbing your monthly necessities but without that last minute oh-god-it’s-here dash to the drugstore. Just add the packs of organic cotton period products in any combination to your basket and sign up for your regular subscription, which can of course be switched up or stopped whenever takes your fancy. Need to stock up on some other essentials? You’ll also find ethical, non-toxic condoms among This Is L.’s virtual shelves. Nothing says cool like the confidence to embrace your femininity – every aspect included!

How many: 10 tampons, 14 pads or 20 liners per pack.
Price: $4.95 – $10.95
Delivered: Once a month, date dependent on when you place your first order.
Good deeds: Every purchase is matched with a donation to a female entrepreneur in a developing country. This gives them the equal opportunities they deserve, without being limited by a lack of access to sexual and reproductive health products.


Tampon Tribe bag

5. Tampon Tribe

Brand new to the subscription box market, Tampon Tribe is making a mark with its range of certified organic goods. Choose from a tampon or pad subscription, where you get one box per month, with your a fully flexible choice of varying absorbances inside to match your flow. What makes these guys stand out from the crowd is that they’ve not only committed to keeping things natural, but have kept everything from the tampon applicators to the product packaging completely plastic-free and fully compostable. Yet another win for eco conscious girls! The affordability factor is also a bonus if you want something that does the job first and foremost, rather than being luxurious.

How many: 16 tampons or 10 pads
Price: $8
Delivered: Once a month.
Good deeds: Watch this space for Tampon Tribe’s Period Pack Project. For every monthly box sent out, a Day Period Pack will be given to vulnerable women in need.


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Article’s Author:   MAYAH PARMENTER
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