5 Crowdfunders to Watch – Helpful and Innovative

The women featured in this crowdfunding column are tackling emotional terrain and messy hair days.

Whether it’s helping immigrants navigate the intricacies of President Donald Trump’s executive orders, offering salves for family loss or dealing with “Aunt Flo” every month, these women entrepreneurs want to bring comfort and healing.

Check out these 5 women-led crowdfunding campaigns:

1. Feminine Hygiene Deliveries to your Doorstep (via Wefunder)


The Business: Jennifer Eden founded Tampon Tribe to deliver organic feminine hygiene products to women’s doorsteps. Tampon Tribe also has a philanthropic component: For every monthly subscription, it gives a homeless woman in need a Period Day Pack,which contains two tampons, two pads, a feminine wipe and a biodegradable trash bag. The company also hires individuals from Chrysalis, a nonprofit that helps homeless and low-income people find and retain jobs.
The Money: So far, Eden has raised $40,176 of her $1 million equity goal. With the funds she raises, she will stock up on inventory to prevent back-ups in completing orders.

2. “The Lady Next Door” (via Indiegogo)

The Business: Danica Tan is a Singaporean student who will be directing her first movie in March. “The Lady Next Door” is about a 12-year-old girl who, by way of one bold decision, ends up helping a 70-year-old widow. The film will explore themes like the times when we feel most alone, the giant leaps some people take, and the fleeting moments they wish would never end. “Today, we’re living in the midst of turmoil and distress. We see the ugly and selfish sides of people, and it is difficult to feel motivated to do one simple act that is human — take care of one another,” Tan says.
The Money: Within the next 24 days, Tan hopes to raise $2,000 to pay her editor and to purchase food, transport, props and camera gear for her crew. Donors who contribute at least $20 can read the script, while higher-dollar donors will have their names added to the credits.

3. Hitting the Road to Help (via Kickstarter)

Immigration Nation

The Business: Martina Carrillo and Lauren Burke started Immigration Nation after the inauguration of President Donald Trump. The two friends decided to pack up their lives, get in a campervan and go provide free, on-demand legal services to immigrant communities across the U.S. Their services include individual meetings with immigrants unable to afford or access legal representation as well as training and “know your rights” sessions in schools and churches.
The Money: Carrillo and Burke are trying to raise $10,000 in 21 days to buy gas and supplies for their cross-country trip.

4. A Simple Solution to a Persistent Problem (via Wefunder)

The Business: Amy Crouse started her headband business, Bolder Band, after her hair kept disrupting her workouts. Taking matters into her own hands, she whipped her sewing machine out and starting creating wide, bold cloth bands. Crouse, a CrossFit enthusiast, says she wants to “empower women of all shapes and sizes to be the most bold and beautiful versions of themselves.” She has since launched more products and built a $2.5 million dollar company that employs single moms and college students.
The Money: Crouse’s equity campaign has a $1 million goal. Funds will go towards creating new products, including cosmetics and activewear.

5. A Book for Adopted Children (via Kickstarter)

The Business: Amara Bratcher and Sallie Dean created “The Bridge that Love Built,” a book for adopted children who spent their earliest days without a stable home. Maurie decided to start writing the book after her family adopted a 7-year-old girl. With the help of Dean’s original artwork, the duo set up a crowdfunding campaign in hopes of delivering healing to these children and the families who adopted them.

The Money: The money Bratcher and Dean raise will go toward printing costs, distribution, reward costs and Kickstarter fees. They have 28 days to raise $13,000.


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Article’s Author:   Annie Mapp
Article Originally Published On:   FEB 8, 2017