Tampon Tribe Launches Community Round on WeFunder

Tampon Tribe Launches Community Round on WeFunder


Unique Opportunity to Support a 100% Female Owned and Operated Company Making a Positive Impact on Women's Health and the World

July 21, 2022 – (Los Angeles, CA) - Tampon Tribe, the only totally sustainable and totally plastic-free feminine hygiene company in the US, has announced the launch of a Community Round on Wefunder, the largest platform that helps founders raise a Community Round from their most passionate customers and fans alongside retail investors and venture capitalists.

This Community Round invites anyone - including customers, users, community members, friends, and family - to invest in the company for as little as $250 in exchange for company equity. Tampon Tribe’s Community Round will help the company secure  $1 million in funding to continue its mission to free the world of toxic feminime hygiene products.

Tampon Tribe’s Community Round can be found here: www.wefunder.com/tampontribe

Tampon Tribe is a leader in sustainable, premium, and organic feminine hygiene products. Tampon Tribe is the only US company that uses 100% GOTS and ICEA certified organic cotton as the ONLY Ingredient in their products. Tampon Tribe is also the only US company whose tampons, pads and liners have organic cotton protective layers that stop fibers dislodging inside bodies or onto skin. Tampon Tribe’s products also have no toxic bleaches, chemicals, dyes, or plastics. Tampon applicators are an ultra-thin, smooth polished cardboard (FSC certified) and are wrapped in recycled paper. 

Here are what customers are saying:

"All natural products have helped me tremendously" - Nicole Davis, Onalaska, WA

"Products are great..Customer service is superb" - Adeleen Brown. East Hampton, MA

"Tampon Tribe is absolutely wonderful" - Danielle Cipriano El Segundo, CA 

Tampon Tribe is quickly becoming a massive player in a massive industry. Feminine Hygiene is a billion dollar international industry and is projected to hit $54.52 billion by 2028. The available US market is $5.9 billion and is growing at 10.25% CAGR. Tampon Tribe's segment of the market is natural personal care.The global and North American natural feminine hygiene market is currently $1.07 billion and is the fastest moving segment in the natural personal care overall market.

“We are excited to welcome our customers, fans and the public to invest in Tampon Tribe,” said Jennifer Eden, Founder and CEO. “We want to share our success with all of those who have supported us and show our appreciation for their loyalty. We hope that anyone interested visits our Wefunder campaign and chooses to join us on our journey.”

Tampon Tribe chose Wefunder for its Community Round because Wefunder makes it as easy as possible for founders to open up funding rounds to their community. Community equity Rounds are changing the future of investing, now allowing anyone to invest in the companies they love. This Community equity Round gives Tampon Tribe customers and fans the opportunity to be a part of the company's success as well as helps support healthy growth for the company.

“Community equity Rounds help more great founders of awesome companies get funded,” said Jonny Price, VP of Fundraising at Wefunder. “Community equity Rounds also give customers, fans, users - anyone who likes the company -  the opportunity to benefit from its success. Ultimately, this all can create a stronger, more inclusive economy that benefits all of us.”

The founders of Tampon Tribe care deeply and passionately about their impact, about making the world a better place, and this is evident in everything that they produce and do. If you are interested in joining them, learn more at www.wefunder.com/tampontribe.com.

About Tampon Tribe

Tampon Tribe is the only US company to use only certified organic cotton in our tampons, pads and liners. Tampon Tribe uses no fillers, chemicals, toxins, perfumes or dyes. Tampon Tribe is the only period company to be totally hypoallergenic, plastic free and vegan. Learn more at www.tampontribe.com.

About Wefunder

Wefunder is a platform that helps founders raise a Community Round from their most passionate customers and fans alongside venture capital. Headquartered in San Francisco with a distributed team across the country, Wefunder has fundamentally changed the regulation crowdfunding space from the regulations to making it accessible to all at scale. Wefunder is a Public Benefit Corp, not only for its mission to fix capitalism, but because it's the way companies should be run. To learn more visit communityround.com or wefunder.com.





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