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How to Set New Year's Intentions

It’s time to shift away from the ever so cliche new year’s resolutions and start creating intentions. Resolutions are just a sugar coated way of saying things you wish to accomplish.  It’s more of a promise than a goal you set for yourself to accomplish after a certain period. Even though resolutions are ideal and are still a good move, most people get it wrong because they set New Year's resolutions without designing a sound plan to follow in order to reach and accomplish their goals, hence the need to shift to intentions.

An Intention is an aim, a goal and a plan that is accompanied by the right action. Intentions are more powerful than resolutions because they give you freedom. Setting an intention is like setting a principle to live by. Unlike resolutions, intentions manifest, grow and bear fruit. Even though the New year is the supreme time to set up your intentions, you can put down your intentions anytime, any day of the year.

The ultimate guide to setting New Year's Intentions 

1. Soul searching

First step is doing some soul searching and determining all the elements of your life that give you joy. You must be able to determine the source of your inner bliss and ecstasy.

During soul searching, trust your inner voice and speak to your other-self. This is the moment to let the law of attraction take effect. Once you've established all the things that give your life meaning, write them down, focus on them, think about them, read them out every chance you get and the universe will multiply them.

You can write and read them as affirmations. For example, use the magical words ‘I AM’ before every intention you want to manifest. Instead of saying “I want to be happy”, say “I am happy”. If you want to manifest your intentions, everything you write or say must be in the present tense, not the future tense. 

2. Share the list of intentions with a trustworthy friend

If you have a friend you trust, or a family member that believes in you, you can give them a copy of your affirmations so they can keep you on your toes. They'll be your watchdog, to remind you of the promises and the goals you set. Also, loyal friends and family can be an excellent source of motivation when things aren't going your way.

The biggest mistake people always make is showing their list of affirmations and intentions to every tom, dick, and harry. Some of these individuals are haters who don't have your best interest at heart. They end up stealing their motivation and energy, leaving them drained. That said, only share your list with people you're in harmonious vibration with, show it to friends who foster positivity and will not discourage you. 

3. Chant a mantra

A mantra is word, statement, slogan or prayer that is repeated frequently in order to boost concentration and focus. If you want to raise your vibrations and get into the same frequencies with your intentions, you must create a mantra.

Creating your own mantra is a million-dollar move. Why do you think mantras are common with most successful people in the world? Because Mantras are like a cheat code to get into harmony with your goals, intentions, and resolutions. Once you come up with a mantra that aligns with your intentions, you can develop a daily routine of saying it every morning when you wake up. This will give you enormous energy to face the day. You can chant your mantra again once during the day and at night before you retire to bed. Also, you can chant your mantra anytime when you feel low and you need self motivation. 

4. Be a positive soul

To manifest your intentions, you must be positive in the soul and mind. You must list only the things that will ensure your wellbeing. This is also the time to sieve your thoughts. Control your thoughts. If you want to manifest positivity, you must think only of positivity. Remember, both poverty and riches are offspring of thought. And as a man thinks, so he is. If you want to harvest prosperity and abundance, then you must seed them respectively in your mind. Avoid negative energies at all costs.   

5. Let it go

The last step to speaking your intentions into existence is letting go. This is not as simple as it sounds, as its human nature to attach ourselves to the things we love and admire. Therefore, after you've set your intentions, you must detach yourself and stop acting needy. This is the time to let go, and trust in God and the universe. Whatever higher power you believe in, it will fulfill and bring your intentions to life.

For example, once you've chanted your mantra in the morning, let it be, don't think about it during the day until you have your next routine. Also, you must learn to listen to the inner God in you. Don't listen to the negative voices that speak to you from within. Get rid of them completely. If you want to experience a wonderful outcome, you shouldn't force the manifestation of intentions. It should be as natural as possible.

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