June 24, 2020

Every single one is different. Some are more fussy than others, but regardless of how high or low maintenance your vagina is, she’s going to be glad you read up on this naturally healthy advice.

Basic Is Best

There’s always a lot of discussion about what to use when you wash down there, but water is your best bet. Douches can alter the pH of your vagina and often lead to irritation and infections. If you want to use soap, choose a gentle and all-natural one.

Soaking in an epsom salt bath is a perfect way to get clean, while also aiding in pH balance—all while you relax in the tub!

For illustration sake, people sometimes compare the vagina to a self-cleaning oven since it pretty much cleans itself with discharge. So keep cleaning simple—your vulva and vagina will appreciate the basics.

Dispelling Discharge Dilemmas

Anytime you have a health related question, there’s never any shame in talking to your doctor. However, there is still a lot of “normal” our bodies do that may at times seem unusual to us at first.

Here’s an example: When an egg starts maturing in ovulation preparation, your body typically releases more cervical mucus. This can be white, yellow, or cloudy, and feels sticky. As you get closer to ovulation, the discharge will become more clear and slippery. Discharge of this sort is totally normal, and as you can see, it changes throughout your menstrual cycle.

Scent, Wiping, And What You Wear

Obvious though it is, your vagina is not a daisy or a rose, so it’s not going to smell like one. Everyone’s vaginal smell varies and it’s normal to have a slight scent. Avoid applying artificially scented sprays and perfumes.

Always wipe front to back to avoid any fecal transfer to your urethra, as this can cause urinary tract infections.

Whether you go commando or covered up is clearly up to you, but taking steps to reduce sweat being trapped around the vulva is always a good thing, since that can lead to yeast infections.

This means don’t wear sweaty workout clothes very long before showering. Keep in mind what fabrics your precious bits are up against. While silk panties can make you feel fancy, cotton is always the best panty choice because it allows more air to pass through.

Why You Need Organic Tampons

The period products you choose matter immensely! Of course we’d say this at Tampon Tribe ;) but the research results are out there—organic cotton is the BEST!

While we have many layers of skin, the gentle, thin tissue in the vagina and vulva rapidly absorb chemicals and a cumulative effect can really take its toll on the body. The bleaching process that many feminine hygiene products go through presents the concern of highly toxic dioxin residue. Dioxins can be harmful to your body and are also a serious environmental pollutant. Bad for you, and the planet.

Tampon Tribe is proud to only use GOTS certified organic cotton, which is chlorine bleach and dioxin free. There are no glues, synthetics, perfumes, or dyes used in our products. And never any plastics. This lets you feel comfortable and confident on so many levels!

Vaginal health can be a delicate subject, but rightfully so—they’re some of our most delicate parts down there! And they deserve the best care with these basics.