June 01, 2020

They’re soft, cotton, and have served you well for innumerable nights of restful sleep. Now—countless dreams later—your favorite pillowcases may look rather worn and tattered, perhaps stained or even separated from the mate in their set. Here’s some practical ways to upcycle and put those well used rectangles to good use!

• Washing Delicate Garments
Bras, undies, pantyhose, scarves, even sweaters—clothing items that need delicate washing are perfect candidates for a pillowcase. Toss the garment in, tie a knot at the top or use a rubber band to keep the case closed, drop it in the washer for a gentle cleaning cycle.

• Dust Fan Blades
Maybe the last time you were relaxing on the sofa, you noticed some dust bunnies had taken up residence on your ceiling fan. An excellent way to dust those blades (with the fan turned off of course) is to simply slide an open pillowcase over one of the blades and then carefully slide it off—capturing all the dust inside the case. Repeat on each blade until dust bunny free.

• Goodbye Cobwebs
You know that hard to reach cobweb in the corner of your dining room? It’s time to take care of that. Slip an old pillowcase over a broom and reach for that web. The fabric grabs the dust and silky spider structure without scratching up your ceiling or wall paint. This same method can be used at floor level for dusting baseboards—no bending over or straining your back.

• Travel Laundry Bag
A rogue pillowcase packs lightly in luggage and makes for a great laundry bag while you travel. (Pack two if you want to separate lights and darks as you go.) When you get home from your trip,  it’s easy to dump the pillowcase of laundry right into the washer and get back to reminiscing as you organize your vacation photos.

So sleep sweet knowing that even after your favorite pillowcases have served you well, they still have some great uses left in them. It’s just another wonderful way to avoid unnecessary waste and upcycle items in our lives.