January 29, 2020

Ranging anywhere from just a few dollars to over a hundred a pair, if you’re buying tights it goes without saying that you want them to last as long as possible. Here’s some suggestions to stretch the lifespan of the tights in your wardrobe.

While leggings are usually thicker and footless, tights are often a thinner material meant to be worn under another garment, and they cover the feet. When perusing for a new pair, check the toes. Look for reinforcement in the toe area of the tights as they’ll be less likely to snag on a toenail.

Depending on what’s worn under them, where you’re wearing them, and how sweaty or dirty you’ll be getting that day—typically tights can go two to three wears between washes.

When it’s time to launder, do so gently. Tights usually manage best with hand washing, but if you just don’t have time to spend hand scrubbing one more item, at the very least use a lingerie bag. This will help the tights avoid getting snagged on other garment’s zippers and buttons as they churn around in the washer. Also be sure to choose a gentle cycle, and air dry them either spread out on a towel or draped over a hanger.

Removal of jewelry from your hands and feet when putting them on will help prevent catching of the fabric and starting a pick or tear. Scrunch one of the tights’ legs with both hands, gently pull it over your foot, up your thigh, and on up to your waist. Repeat process with the other leg. Avoiding tough yanking on the waistband will reduce undue stress on the fabric.

When a run does occur, which eventually all tights seem to eventually succumb to, try a dab of clear nail polish for a quick, emergency fix.

With these tight tricks in tow, hopefully you can strut your stuff and stay in style, while saving the most money as you make each favorite pair last as long as possible.