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Trick For Easy Tub Cleaning

When you’re ready for a long hot soak in a relaxing bubble bath, you want the tub to be clean and sparkling. Here’s a fresh way to make bathtub cleaning an easier task.

Sweep Your Bathtub

Yes, you read that right. Get an inexpensive broom, so you have a clean one to keep around for this purpose. The dollar store is a good spot to shop for one—look for the angled style. You’re also going to want dish soap.

The dish soap works on the soap scum that builds up and helps to more easily degunkify. The broom is going to make “scrubbing” simple.

#1. Use a measuring cup or your showerhead and splash the tub with some water.

#2. Squirt approximately a quarter cup of dish soap all over the bathtub. If it’s particularly grimy this time, combine your dish soap with white vinegar before spreading it into the tub.

#3. Grab your broom and start sweeping! The bristles work well to loosen up all sorts of soap scum buildup.

#4. Allow soap/solution to sit for about 30 minutes—time enough to clean the rest of the bathroom, or go sit down and relax. Because hey, with this tub cleaning hack, you don’t have to spend time tirelessly scrubbing away like Cinderella.

#5. Once 30 minutes or so have passed, it’s time to sweep again. You should notice a good lather.

#6. Now rinse. If you do so ending with colder water temperatures, this helps chase the suds down better than warm water does.

Tub Cleaning In A Sweep

That’s it! It’s that easy. This “bathtub broom scrubbing technique” is particularly helpful for those with limited mobility—be it old age, arthritis, fibromyalgia, injuries, and so on—and it’s much easier on your back.

It’s time to relax now. Enjoy your bubble bath!



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