March 23, 2020

Who doesn’t love snagging a good deal, right?! When you know the best times to shop and where to look for the biggest bargains, you’ll be able to stretch your dollar and get more for your money.

Here’s a few money saving, shopping hacks you’ll want to consider over the next few months.

Buy The Right Things At The Right Time

Maybe you’re the type who loves to “shop ‘til you drop” or maybe you’re the type who wishes all shopping could be done online and you never had to set foot in a store again. Either way, picking a specific time of year to buy certain items can actually reward your wallet.

Here’s five great examples of some of the best upcoming shopping days:

  1. The days leading up to the Easter holiday are the best times to find dresses and suits on sale.
  2. In April, on Earth Day, it’s an ideal time to find more reasonable prices on appliances that are energy efficient.
  3. May’s Memorial Day sales usually result in deeper discounts on large ticket items. You can usually find some good deals on clothing too.
  4. Around Fourth of July, think furniture. It might be the most economical time to pick out a new sofa or buy that La-Z-Boy.
  5. Towards the end of the year and into the new one is optimal timing for updating your electronics. Stores want to make room for newer models, so you can often find a better price on their existing inventory.

A Sale Is Not Always A Sale

Retailers can be tricky. Just because an item looks marked down doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good deal. Doing a quick search online or some basic comparison shopping first can help you know the typical price for an item. Then you’ll be better prepared to spot a sale and know if the price truly is discounted.

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So whether you’re a fashionista, tech geek, or busy parent trying to outfit the family’s needs—taking a bit of time to plan the best days to snag deals on the items you’re looking for can result in better bargains when you shop.