January 30, 2019

Your alarm goes off, today is the day. You've already started mentally going through the day's To-Do list. Then, you stand up...And you suddenly feel a little reminder that today just so happens to be that day. Do you let that dampen your day? Do you throw in the towel and crawl back into bed? No. You don't. You want to know why? Because you've been planning for this day, you've been preparing, and you are ready to kick this period's butt. You have your secret weapon. Your genius, eco-conscious, budgeting mind already subscribed to your monthly delivery of 100% organic pads, tampons, and pantyliners. You have already customized your order to fit your monthly needs and you feel a sense of accomplishment in just opening the recycled paper packaging of your secret weapon. Let's review a little bit of that To-Do list, shall we?

Reduce waste. Check.

Recycle. Check.

Save the world? Check and check.

By subscribing to Tampon Tribe, you no longer have to worry about adding your lady necessities to your grocery shopping list. If you forget to buy them on a trip to the store, no biggie. They will be delivered to your door. You also can rest easy knowing that the plastic applicators in the store brand tampons won't be piling up in landfills and polluting our home, Mother Earth. But, one of the biggest reliefs you get by subscribing to Tampon Tribe is knowing that you are taking care of your OWN health and protecting your body from harmful chemicals that are often found in the products we need to survive. Let's check that list again...

Be health conscious. Check, check, check!

In the day to day routine of life, these monthly visitors might not seem like a "big deal", but the way we handle them kind of is. Look at it as multi-tasking at its finest. You could be writing a proposal to pitch to a huge client and secretly reduce pollution, all while sitting behind your computer at work. Or, you could just be laying around, scrolling through the latest insta posts, while at the same time improving your health by reducing the chemicals allowed in your body. You are Superwoman, you save the day, you save the world...and this could be your secret weapon.

Check out more on health and wellness with Tampon Tribe. And, once you're convinced, don't keep your secret weapon a secret...tell the world!