December 30, 2019

Maybe you’re driving to see family, flying out for a business trip, taking a romantic cruise vacation, or riding a train or bus to reach your destination—millions of miles are covered in travel every year.

You may be stuck in a tight cabin next to a sick traveler, or surviving jet lag in fluctuating temps. You just want to have a nice trip, so how do you stay well? Especially grabbing all those doorknobs, handrails, and menus.

Travel Well

With these simple reminders for wellness on the go, hopefully your getaway will remain illness free!

  • Use Hand Sanitizer - Washing with soap and water is always best, but until you can get to a sink be sure your sanitizer is handy. Especially before eating—even if it’s just a snack!
  • Carry Wipes - Wet wipes are great not just for hands, but for cleaning your cellphone, laptop, charging cables, hotel room door handles, light switches, TV remote, and so on.
  • Vitamin C - It boosts the immune system and helps to ward off the countless germs you’re inevitably coming into contact with. Take some before you go, while you’re traveling, and when you return home.
  • Eat Healthy - It’s not always easy to find nutritious meal options on the run, but try your best. Eat vegetables when you can and avoid sugary soft drinks.
  • Stay Hydrated - Don’t forget to fuel your body with plenty of water.
  • Get Some Sleep - Travel can be tough on the body, so carving out enough hours of sleep can make a big difference not only for energy levels, but keeping the immune system running optimally too.

These six tips to stay healthy while you’re traveling are beneficial year round. So wherever your journey takes you, be well and have a great trip!