February 03, 2020

If you were stranded on a desert island, what spices would you choose to have with you? Just kidding, but in all reality, every kitchen should have some savory seasonings as must-haves for making meals pop with flavor.

It’s important to choose organic options when possible to avoid fillers that are not always required to be listed in the ingredients (like maltodextrin or even sawdust). Beyond salt and pepper, here’s six must-have spices…

ONION POWDER: It’s convenient and always ready, plus it’s a “no tears” option since there will be no crying involved as you attempt slicing a pungent onion. You can sprinkle just the right amount in your recipe—which can be anything from soups, salad dressings, and salsa to burger meat, chili, and casseroles.

GARLIC POWDER: This popular choice is perfect for seasoning veggies and meats of all kinds. It’s often used in dry rubs and marinades. Delightful on popcorn, roasted nuts, or chickpeas. If you’re trying to eat a low-sodium diet, garlic powder can help provide pleasant flavor without sprinkling on heavily processed table salt.

ITALIAN SEASONING: If spaghetti first comes to mind with this one, you certainly wouldn’t be wrong. Italian seasoning—often comprised of variations of oregano, basil, rosemary, marjoram, and thyme—is just what you need for a simmering pot of fresh pasta sauce. It’s also the go-to flavor for seasoning a homemade pizza, sprinkling on grilled vegetables and meats, or adding to hearty chicken soup.

CHILI POWDER: With this one, think tacos. It’s that flavor which comes through in the Mexican restaurant dishes you love. Nachos, enchiladas, fajitas, and so on. Sprinkle this spicy blend into the skillet as you brown your meat or simmer some beans.

CAYENNE POWDER: This circulation booster adds a nice kick to recipes that are Indian, Asian, Mexican, Southern, and more. Whether it’s part of a dry rub for seafood, sprinkled on top of deviled eggs, or added to a pot of soup—cayenne gives a spicy sweet kind of heat.

TURMERIC POWDER: Probably most known for its use in curries, this vibrant spice can also naturally color and season everything from rice and tofu to hummus and smoothies. It’s packed full of health benefits with a mildly aromatic scent and notable earthy flavor, which is the perfect addition to all sorts of soups and stews.

So there you have it—six seasonings to spice things up in your kitchen! Now it’s time to get cooking.