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Simple Ways To Get Smarter & Help Your Brain

Who doesn’t want better brain power through the day, right? Our brains are incredible with the built-in ability to never stop learning. It’s called neuroplasticity.

Ongoing studies and research are showing our brains to be even more extraordinary than originally thought! This is where neroplasticity comes in. It’s the brain’s ability to change continuously throughout our life.

Basically brain activity associated with a specific function can actually be transferred to a different location, the proportion of grey matter can change, and synapses may strengthen or weaken over time.

This all means our amazing brains have flexibility to learn more new things—whatever age we are!

Bright Ideas

With such tremendous capacity, why not give your brain some healthy boosts? These are some easy ways to add to your intelligence.

Eat Healthy & Clean

The fuel you feed your body affects every part of you, and this includes your brain. Choosing fresh, clean, raw foods powers your body for ultimate performance!

When it comes to fats you can kind of think of them this way: while trans fats increase the shelf life of foods, they reduce the shelf life of people.

Good fats, on the other hand, offer a boost to your health and particularly the brain. The essential fatty acids EPA and DHA, for example, are important in the formation of brain tissue.

Feel Grateful

Taking time to be thankful and regularly express gratitude can actually change the brain’s molecular structure. It’s like a natural “happy drug” to our brains when we show appreciation.

Some research has revealed that people who show more gratitude in general have higher levels of activity in the hypothalamus. This is a good thing since this part of the brain controls a large variety of essential bodily functions (such as eating, drinking, and sleeping).

So show appreciation and you’ll have even more reasons to show more appreciation!

Write A To-Do List

When you make lists of daily tasks (and long term goals) that you can accomplish, this boosts your confidence and adds to your happiness. Not only does a to-do list act as a memory aid, it also gives your brain a break.

Our minds can be remarkably persistent in their pursuits, reminding us relentlessly of unfinished tasks and goals still yet to be fulfilled. Writing these things down and having a plan for pursuit can help increase the success rate of goal accomplishment and reduce the amount of thought and attention spent on an unrelenting mind loop.

Exercise & Sweat

We all pretty much know exercise is good for us, but it’s not just all about the waistline. Your brain also “gets fit” when you workout!

The brain-body connection is very strong and physical exertion motivates brain cells to reinforce old connections and to forge new connections between neurons. This denser neuron network results in better ability to process and store information, fundamentally resulting in a smarter brain.

It doesn’t take marathon running either. Benefits can be obtained from even just a simple stroll. These healthy activities can increase oxygen flow to the brain, which may enhance memory and learning functions. So help your body and your brain by making a point to get moving and work in some daily exercise.

So, What Are You Thinking?

They’re easy, affordable, and don’t even take up that much time—yet your brain can benefit and improve so much from these little steps. Be sure each day you’re taking care of your mind while helping your brain grow smarter and continue growing.


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