Signs of a Cheating Partner

Signs of a Cheating Partner

Infidelity affects a relationship and can even break it. With that in mind, everyone will try as much as they can to hide it from their partner. Fortunately, you don’t need your partner to tell you they are cheating on you. There are several tale-tell signs you can use to tell when this habit catches up with them.

10 signs of a cheating partner

Changing clothing styles 

Something could be amiss if you notice a sudden change in the way your partner dresses. A sudden change to an expensive lifestyle should worry you. For instance, your partner may start wearing expensive clothes and eating in high-end hotels. Such habits could be an indicator that something is happening behind your back.

A change of style and dressing especially when going out could mean they are impressing someone else. This coupled with signs like a change in their arrival time should ring a bell. A partner who always comes home early might be cheating if they suddenly start coming home late.

Hiding their phones 

If you notice your partner panicking every time you touch their phone or laptop, there might be a problem. Or when they start dictating what you can or can't do on their laptop or phone.

Hiding a phone could imply they are avoiding questionable calls or messages in your presence. If your partner deletes their browsing history or messages, your relationship might be in crisis.

Though we all deserve our privacy, it’s not normal for your partner to refuse to help you with their phone. Doing this could mean that they are trying to hide something from you. Unless there is a surprise, dig deeper if you notice this.

A sudden change of routine

It's normal for partners to know each other’s routines. If you notice a consistent change in your partner’s schedule, that should worry you. Also, when your partner keeps on changing their routine or seems to hide their whereabouts, something might be wrong

You shouldn’t also forget to note their change of character. For instance, if they used to share their daily experiences with you and stop. That may mean there might be another person in the picture. 

Feeling essential to your partner

Every person wants to feel wanted or important to their partners. Whenever someone is cheating, they tend to drift from this known fact. Their loyalty shifts to the person they are cheating with.

Lack of intimacy

Are you together and you are taking months without rolling around in the hay? Are you not having those escapades of heated romantic time together? Something might be wrong.

Couples indeed grow with dry spell experiences, but if your lover isn’t attracted to you anymore without reason, dig deeper. Maybe cheating is the cause of the distance between you.

Sudden development of attention towards you in bed can also signify things aren’t alright. A cheater can easily develop certain habits because they are guilty and are trying to cover their faults. For example, if they become overly sexually attracted to you. They may try this to keep you satisfied when engaged with their new catch.

Sudden anger and nervousness around you

You may not be the reason for recurrent frustrations you get from your partner. Maybe they are cheating. Maybe what you are seeing is a result of their fears and insecurities about you. Though people change from time to time, a partner you have known for long should not get mad at you over petty issues. Besides, you know your partner better. If you notice an emotional change, sit them down or find out more.

Weird reactions from friends

If you are certain that your partner could be cheating and you don’t seem to find the evidence, look for it from their friends. Face their friends in a less confronting way. If you notice that the friends are avoiding eye contact with you, trouble might be brewing.

It’s most likely that they know the ways of your partner. If you are desperate to know the truth, look for it from your partner friends.

Too much attention after unexplainable disappearance

If you notice your partner giving you attention after a long time of showing less interest in you, they might be covering up for something. It might be covering for something they did behind your back that is making them feel guilty.

Accusations of cheating 

A cheating partner can easily turn the tables and accuse you of cheating. It may be a way of venting their guilt, so that shouldn’t surprise them. A cheat thinks because they are getting away with it, their partners may be doing the same thing. It may come as a shocker but, when you get over it, it’s time to look closely into your relationship. Chances are, your partner is cheating but wants to shift the blame to you.

They are not comfortable around you

If you notice uneasiness in your partner, that should worry you. A cheating person will try as much as they can to avoid eye contact. They may also start being nervous; going to bed early or late, just to avoid spending time with you. Avoiding being around you could mean that they feel guilty and cannot face you. It's a natural human behavior to stay away from others when they wrong them. A cheating partner will always exhibit several physical red flags that will betray their actions


There is no sure way of telling whether your partner is cheating without asking them or catching them in the act. Also, warning signs appear differently from one relationship to another. So, what is alarming to one may be normal to another one. But in one way or the other, a cheating partner will leave a trail of evidence that you can use. Just pay attention to those unspoken words to detect infidelity with your partner. And if you know the truth, don’t sit on it, get a solution. You can seek help from a marriage counsellor or research other ways to deal with the situation.
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