Set Goals & Reach Them!

Set Goals & Reach Them!

Hundreds of people set new goals every day, and a new year often provides that much more inspiration. But are we actually reaching our goals? Well, some do, some don’t. But with these tips, you’ll be ready to set fresh goals and actually attain them!

Defining “Goal”

The definition of “goal” is “the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.” It also carries the thought of “the destination of a journey.”

Reaching goals requires effort and endurance, although the “journey” can be made easier by starting with an ambition that’s very personal to you. For example, don’t just pick “weight loss” because everyone else might be, but perhaps think very specifically about what you want.

After identifying that personalized intent, it becomes easier to be specific, and being realistic is important too. Instead of overall “weight loss”, the goal could be more along the lines of achieving “healthier eating habits” or a “better exercise routine”.

Once Set, Reach Those Goals!

You’ve thought of what you want to accomplish, now write it down. A study that was done at the Dominican University showed that graduates who wrote their goals down accomplished significantly more than those who didn’t.

Estimate how long it would take to reach the goals you’ve set and use that as a sort of “roadmap” to track your progress (even if you may need to adjust that estimate along the way).

Tell a friend. Talking about your objective and the continual efforts you're making to reach your goal can prove to be quite motivating.

Whether social media followers are “liking” a post or the friend you’re talking to is offering enthusiasm, this can help drive you to continue with positive efforts. You can even ask close friends to check in with you, which will offer additional accountability and motivation to keep on track.

While they shouldn’t be allowed as excuses, remember that if setbacks occur, you don’t need to beat yourself up, and you definitely shouldn't give up! Just go from there and keep at it.

You can do this!


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