October 04, 2020


There’s a myriad of reasons why organic Tampons are better for cramps. To start with, organic means no extra chemicals have been added from the farming stage all the way to the final product. It’s purely natural. And in the same way your stomach gets irritated when you consume chemicals, so do your reproductive organs when you use chemically processed tampons.

Many women who have endometriosis report fewer symptoms, shorter periods and less intense cramps when they use organic tampons compared to regular tampons. In fact, 85% of regular tampons contain dioxins and other chemicals that have been linked to severe cramps. While there haven’t been any conclusive study done to show that tampons have an effect on cramps, it’s better to err on the side of caution.

How organic tampons are better for cramps

1. No dioxins

Regular tampons are made from fiber made from wood, a process that results in release of dioxins. While the dioxins are reduced through advanced bleaching processes, there exist traces of this chemical, although at negligible amounts. However, these traces can accumulate, and with the average woman using 11,000 tampons on average in her lifetime, you can see how much of the chemical may actually be absorbed into their bodies. These dioxins interfere with the uterine wall and may cause endometriosis which severes your cramps. 

2. No inorganic fragrances

Companies are not required to disclose what they put into their fragrances as these are considered trade secrets. But experiments done on fragrances and cosmetic products have shown that these products contain allergen and other irritative substances. When these chemicals get absorbed through your vaginal wall, they may cause irritation and increase the intensity of your cramps.

3. Organic cotton is breathable

For something that’s going up your vagina, you’d rather have it breathable to allow air circulation to prevent growth of bacteria and yeast. In fact, many people with periods report fewer yeast infections after switching to natural organic tampons. By significantly reducing your chances of infections, you’re effectively reducing your cramps which can also be caused by infections in your reproductive organs. Some infections can actually be life-threatening.