February 11, 2021

Whether or not you have a date this Sunday, you can always show some love for the planet by opting for a reusable menstrual cup. Switching for just one year could keep thousands of plastic-laden pads and tampons out of landfills -- not to mention leave some extra cash in your pocket. 

So. Much. Plastic.

“Tampons come wrapped in plastic, encased in plastic applicators, with plastic strings dangling from one end, and many even include a thin layer of plastic in the absorbent part. Pads generally incorporate even more plastic, from the leak-proof base to the synthetics that soak up fluid to the packaging.”

- National Geographic, “How tampons and pads became so unsustainable”

In the oceans, plastics strangle marine animals and contribute to the biomagnification of harmful chemicals in the food chain. As marine animals occupying lower levels of the food chain mistakenly consume tiny bits of plastic, the chemicals accumulate in their body tissues and are eventually passed along to their predators. As a result, the chemicals accumulate in the bodies of animals at higher levels of the food chain which, yes, includes humans. A 2019 study conducted by the University of Newcastle on behalf of the World Wildlife Fund, estimated that humans ingest about one credit card’s worth of plastic every week, from a variety of sources including shellfish. 

Although recycling is often posited as the solution to addressing plastic waste, the reality is that less than 10% of all the plastic ever generated has been recycled. In light of this statistic, it is clear that reducing -- or, better yet, refusing -- plastic consumption is our best option. 

Don’t Let Your Period Keep You From Being An Eco Warrior

Perhaps an awareness of the plastic crisis is what drew you to Tampon Tribe in the first place. Maybe you have been a subscriber for years. Regardless of your progress toward ditching plastic, we are here to make the transition easier.  All of our products are plastic free and we even offer a silicone-free menstrual cup! (You can learn more about our menstrual cuphere.) Plus, you can count on Tampon Tribe to deliver your products to your doorstep so that you are prepared to be an eco warrior every day of the month.

So, as you plan for this Valentine’s Day, consider treating yourself and the planet to a reusable menstrual cup!

Not Sure If A Menstrual Cup Is For You?

Switching to a menstrual cup does not have to be an all-or-nothing decision. Try adding a menstrual cup to your cart (they can last for years) this month in addition to your typical order and experiment! Even if you end up loving your cup, as many do, for peace of mind you may still want to order some pantyliners.  Thankfully, all of our products are plastic-free, chemical-free and 100% GOTS certified organic cotton! For more information regarding how the menstrual cup works, check outthis previous blog post.

Even better, check out Jenn Im’s detailed reviewhere! This is a totally unbiased third party review from one of our beloved customers who chose to share her experience and why she switched to the cup :) 

She loves it so much she even included it in her recent video - 61 Things I Can’t Live Without!