December 10, 2020

Organic tampons are made from pure organic cotton meaning no chemical compounds were used in its growth. This also means that they do not contain any chemical fragrances or dyes. Additionally, applicators of organic tampons are biodegradable. They can also be used with applicators or without. Since they are used on sensitive body parts, tampons should be used properly to avoid negative health effects. Some of the best practices for safe use of tampons include:

Read and follow all the instructions

This is to ensure you understand the product and how to use it. It will also help you understand the possible side effects and any other info about the product. 

Wash your hands before and after using tampons

Washing your hands before using tampons will eliminate pathogens that can be transferred into your vagina.

Do not use tampons when not on your periods

Tampons are designed to be used only during monthly periods. Therefore, using them outside menstrual cycle can lead to unanticipated health complications. 

Change tampons after 4 to 8 hours depending on the flow

Tampons should be used for not more than eight hours. The longer they stay, the more they attract bacteria. Also, the tampon itself can cause scratches on the vagina if left for too long which can lead to bacterial infection. Even with reduced flow, health experts maintain that tampons shouldn’t be worn for long.

Contact healthcare service in case of abnormal signs or complications

In case you experience complications like fever, allergic reactions or unusual discharge when using a tampon, make a point of seeing a medical practitioner.  Establishing the source of the problem early enough helps to minimize the effects. Don’t wait until the problem exacerbates further to seek medical assistance. It is also advisable to familiarize yourself with signs of toxic shock syndrome. If you notice any of them, seek assistance as soon as possible.

So, what is the best way to use tampons? Below is a step by step process on how to wear organic tampons:

Position yourself properly

After you have washed your hands, the next stage is normally positioning yourself. This means that you are putting yourself into a position that will make you feel comfortable when inserting the tampon.

If you are new to tampons, one should lift their leg and place it on a toilet where they can locate their vaginal opening using two fingers. This position makes it easier and comfortable to insert your tampon without struggling. 

Locate the vaginal opening

Locating your vaginal opening will help you use the tampon properly. If you are not in a position to locate the opening, use a mirror to locate it.

Remove the tampon from the package

After positioning yourself, the next thing to do is to unwrap the tampon. Do not reuse a tampon as that can increase risk of infections. You should check that the tampon is completely sealed to ensure that it's new and also not contaminated. 

Push the tampon towards your spine. 

When you unwrap the tampon, push it into the vagina with slight pressure. When pushing, the pressure should be applied at an oblique angle towards the spine because the vaginal opening tilts backwards and not upwards towards the head. Because of this, tampons with smooth rounded applicators with finger grips are preferred as they make the insertion smooth. 

Use an applicator

If you are using a tampon that does not have an applicator, you may consider skipping this step. If you insert the tampon perfectly, you will not feel it and you won’t feel the discomfort inside your vagina. Wash your hands immediately after the process.