November 03, 2020

Tampons are some of the most used menstrual products in the world with  5.8 billion tampons sold in the U.S. in 2018 alone, a third of the world’s total. This is because tampons are more comfortable since they don’t show through your pants and they also allow you to engage in physical activities such as swimming. If you’re a first time user, here are a few tips that will help you insert a tampon.

Choose the right tampon size

Different tampons come in different sizes. This is dictated by the absorbency rate of tampons. There are junior or slim tampons for light days, regular for normal days, and super for heavy days. There is also super plus for very heavy days. Choose the right size according to your days.

Clean your hands

The vagina is a very sensitive organ. Your hands harbor a lot of germs that can easily penetrate your system when in contact with the vagina. Washing them with soap and water or a sanitizer will help alleviate this problem. It also lowers the chances of developing  toxic shock syndrome.

Make yourself comfortable

You can put one leg on your closed toilet lid, sit on the toilet lid, or stand with your legs apart. If you are too tensed up, play some music to calm yourself. We recommend that you be in your house the first time you use a tampon and not in public. This will help you relax and calm down. Plus you won’t do it in a rush. 

Inserting a tampon

Some tampons come with applicators while others don’t. These applicators are made of plastic or cardboard. They’re used to transport the tampon into the vagina.

If your tampon has an applicator, the tampon will be poking on one end, and there’ll be a string on the other end. On the applicator, there is a small indentation midway the tampon.

If your tampon has an applicator, using your thumb and your middle finger, hold the tampon along the indentation line. Place the applicator at the entrance of your vagina. Using your index finger push it gently until you can no longer feel it anymore then pull out the applicator. It may be a bit uncomfortable since it’s your first time but once it starts absorbing it’ll become more comfortable.

If you are using a tampon without an applicator, pull out the string then place the tampon at the entrance of your vagina using your thumb and your middle finger. Using your index finger push the tampon inside until you can’t feel it anymore.

In both cases make sure the string is hanging outside for easy removal.

After this process make sure to clean your hands.

Removing the tampon

Although tampons may be worn for up to 8 hours, you should change your tampon as frequently as possible to prevent toxic shock syndrome. Averagely, you should wear your tampon for up to 3-5 hours. You can use a tampon during the night but it’s best to use a sanitary pad instead.

To remove a tampon, sit, stand, or place one of your legs on the closed toilet lid. Relax your body. Hold the string hanging out and pull it out gently. If it does not come out easily and it’s a bit painful, then it may not be time to remove it yet. Wait for another hour or two. Once you pull out the string it should come out easily.

Tampon Disposal

Once you remove your tampon, wrap it well in toilet paper or a tissue and throw it in a garbage bin. Make sure to clean your hands after this.

Note that tampons may not be 100% leak-free. Therefore, using a panty liner is highly recommended.