April 01, 2020

Unless everything’s covered in a layer of ice, people who battle seasonal allergies know that when things start blooming outside the allergies flare up. What can you do to enjoy the gorgeous weather outdoors without blowing through a box of tissues? Here are some ideas that might help limit the misery and let you savor the sunshine.

Eat Nutritiously

Good food matters for all parts of our life and beating allergies is no exception. Since seasonal allergy symptoms are your immune system’s overreaction to typically harmless substances, boosting your immune system can offer support in the fight against seasonal allergies.

Choosing fresh, real, and raw ingredients fuel your body! One great example of this is a study that was done on children who had allergies, even including asthma. They were given a diet rich in fruity vegetables and fish.

The results show that “children who consumed more than 40 grams of "fruity vegetables" a day -- namely tomatoes, eggplants (aubergines), cucumber, green beans and zucchini (courgettes) - were much less likely to suffer from childhood asthma.

Obviously fresh vegetables, fruits, and fish are excellent choices for your body, including their supportive ability in easing swelling of your airways.

Drink More Water

It may feel like every sip elicits a nasal flood, but drinking enough water helps your body flush out foreign and bothersome substances—like pollen. For flavor and additional vitamin C, you can add lemon to your water.

Just be sure if you’re sipping outside to use a cup or bottle with a lid or straw. This can limit surface exposure to pollen, dust, and other irritants floating around.

Exercise & Rest

It’s no mistake that we seem to hear about the “importance of exercising” so regularly. When allergies are flaring up, the need to get moving to improve your body’s blood flow is all that much more critical. Moving your body can promote the removal of internal allergens.

Rest too plays a crucial role. A good night’s sleep encourages your body to recover from the day and all that allergy fighting. Taking a shower before bed and sleeping on fresh, clean sheets can help cut down on the allergens on or surrounding you, and hopefully help you rest well and wake up feeling refreshed!