January 15, 2020

After a long day, you can’t wait to let your head finally hit the pillow. To close your eyes and peacefully drift off to dreamland. But wait, there you lay, tossing and turning, exhausted even though you’re wide awake, and counting down the hours until the alarm clock rings yet again.

It’s a scenario we’ve all probably run into at some point. Something we all share in common is the need for sleep, yet it seems to elude us all at times. So what will make tonight more restful? Here’s some easy, dreamy ideas.

  • Pick A Bedtime
    Since our bodies crave consistency, it can help to schedule a bedtime and stick to the plan. It will in a way “train” your body to be more sleep-ready.
  • Cut Out Caffeine
    Be sure to avoid caffeinated beverages in the late afternoon and evening hours. This can help the body be calm and not overly wired. Better yet, choose a cup of herbal tea for its warmth and soothing properties.
  • Avoid Brights & Blue Lights
    While we use our electronic devices all day long, within the hour or so before bed, it’s best not to do so. The bright lights on the screen and the blue tones mess with your internal clock, making your brain think it’s still daytime.
  • Electronics Aside
    Speaking of bright lights and electronic devices, a lot of research is being done on EMFs (the invisible electromagnetic energy fields the devices emit). Keeping cellphones and tablets away from the bed can help give your body a better recharge at night.
  • Light’s Out
    Ensuring your bedroom is actually dark when it’s time to say goodnight communicates to your internal clock that now is the time for sleeping. If you can, avoid nightlights and brightly lit alarm clocks.

With these five easy tips, we hope you sleep well and have sweet dreams.