August 03, 2020

They’re an accessory that completes your outfit and they’re the carry-all for your essentials each day. The search for the ultimate purse can feel endless and intimidating, but here are some pointers to choose the perfect handbag that fits your style!

Purposeful And Stylish

Before buying that cute bag that caught your eye, it would be wise to think about how you’re going to be using this bag the most. Are you walking around the city shopping? Does it simply accompany you to your office? Will it need room for a few children’s items to be thrown in? Is it just to compliment your date night outfit?

These kinds of considerations are important since they help you choose a large enough size bag that maybe allows for your laptop, or a small enough one to not strain your shoulder all day.

Flattering For Your Figure

The shapes and styles of handbags seem to vary as much as our figures do. Taking body shape (height, weight, etc.) into account helps your handbag flatter you. For example:

Your handbag should be proportionate to your body type.
Shorter and petite women appear taller with smaller purses, while looking shorter with larger styles. Tall and slim women appear larger with small handbags and typically look better with midsize, large, or somewhat oversized styles.

Your handbag length should land in the right spot.
Some straps are adjustable and some aren’t, but choosing the optimal length matters as it can help compliment your body type. Basically where your bag lands, is where your body will be most emphasized. As a general rule, handbags that hang mid-torso work for most women. And keep in mind, straps that are too thin usually cut into your shoulders, so choose wider straps if your bag will be carried for many hours at a time.

The Perfect Handbag Is…

The perfect handbag is different for everyone, but yours is out there! Look for quality stitching, the right amount of pockets for your needs, a zipper that slides smoothly, and snaps or buttons that are firmly affixed.

While some of our back’s don’t enjoy carrying a purse, many people recommend that if you carry a handbag it should not exceed more than 10% of your body weight. This will help you carry that bag optimally for your body.

So while the average woman may own up to 21 different purses—you now have the tips you’ll need for picking the perfect handbag just for you!