June 11, 2021

There is no specific way for to fall in love. But you will most likely feel the physical and emotional signs that will indicate that you are falling for someone. You know that feeling of butterflies and an intense desire to talk or just text them?

The feeling might even drive you to change your wardrobe just to draw their attention. At times, it may even cause you to go against the state of your wallet.

However, it's difficult to differentiate between love, like, or an infatuation, so be careful. To help you decipher your feeling, we’ve compiled a list of telltale signs that you’re indeed in love.

10 signs that you’re in love

You get happy and a little bit nervous

When you have genuinely fallen for someone, you feel a contending joy. The thought of spending time with your partner excites your whole being and just looking at your selfies together brightens up your face.

Being in love can however make you nervous. You keep wondering what the future holds since you have long-term goals to achieve together. Most people see love as something they don’t want to lose, a feeling they don’t want to miss.

Makes all things feel new and exciting

When you are in love, even the things you have done repeatedly over the years make you happy. Love makes them look different and exciting. The person you are in love with will be the first to cross your mind when you come across a romantic preview or when you think of visiting a fast food joint.

You can even do things you don’t like just to spend time with them. It’s like a feeling of really being awake and full of excitement that completely changes your perception. It’s just a feeling that you don’t want to miss.

The relationship feels easy

Being together with the person you love does not require much energy. You don't struggle to have time for them since you are dying to spend it with them. In the case of an argument, it doesn't become intense like in other relationships.
You just have to give in because your priority is your relationship and you can’t imagine life without each other. It’s the best dose to help you swallow your pride. Just one day apart feels like eternity.

You think about each other all the time

If you find the thoughts lingering in your mind the whole day about someone, then you love them. You visit a clothes store to get something for yourself and end up getting some for the other. If you are not together, you just feel the urge to call them after hours of not being together.

It’s easy to brush off the thoughts of someone you like but very difficult and nearly impossible when you love them. When you love someone, you are always impacted physically, emotionally, and mentally. You find yourself craving this calm and secure truth of genuine love.

You get some degree of jealousy

A little bit of jealousy is natural, but too much of it is unhealthy. For instance, going through your partner's phone isn’t within the maxima of true love. You shouldn’t be over-obsessed about their undertakings. Otherwise that’s a red flag that signifies a toxic relationship.

Your affection for each other grows

When you love a person, it's natural that you will want to spend time around them. You get attracted to them and want to be all over them at all times. You get happiness just by holding hands or just simple cuddling. You can't revoke the feeling of wanting to be affectionate to your better half.

These feelings should grow with time. However, if your affection doesn’t diminish with time, then, that’s not love. A true love bond becomes stronger with time despite the possible tides and tsunamis.

You introduce them to family and friends happily

When you are genuinely in love, you want your significant other to appear in all aspects of your life. You want to introduce them to all your circles because you have a long-term dream together. You can seize any moment to make them known to other people who matter to you such as family and friends.

You feel a sense of empathy for the person

There are things that you easily do only to the people you love. It is so easy to cross a street at night and get meds for a lover than a common friend. You can make any sacrifice just to see them comfortable. This doesn’t mean you won’t empathize with other people who are suffering but not with the same measure.

Makes you want to become a better person

With the feeling of love, you feel that you want to become a better person than the one you love. You will find yourself wanting to have new goals or developing a positive attitude. Your partner should push you to achieve more.

If your partner does not build you positively, then you should consider looking for love elsewhere and forget everything else they infatuate you with. You should have a common goal of succeeding more to create a stable future together.

You desire planning for the future

You will never desire to leave someone that you are in love with. You will always include them in your plans because they matter most to you. You want your special person to be there when you are making big decisions.


Though unexplainable, love is simply the best feeling. If you’ve been stuck wondering whether you really love or just care about someone, the above tale tell signs should unravel the magic for you. They can help you differentiate infatuation and real love.

A loveless relationship can be unhealthy. So, you should always choose to be with a person who you genuinely love and who pushes you to achieve your dreams.