January 05, 2021

2020 disrupted life as we know it. It interfered with most social schedules in most countries. The extensive social distancing measures restricted people from visiting public places. The beaches that used to be packed to the brim with crowds have been empty for most of 2020. COVID-19 forced us to stay indoors. Most employees had to work from home. Students attended their classes online. The entertainment industry was also affected by this menace as many artists and musicians resorted to holding virtual concerts and festivals.

And although you're stuck at home on lockdown, you, your friends, kids, and family can still have a good time from home. Plus, it comes with multiple benefits, the greatest of them all, it’s inexpensive.  

Life is short, this is the greatest lesson we've learned in 2020. Everyone deserves to have some fun, even during the lockdown. But how can you enjoy the holidays from home? 

Top 5 ways to enjoy the holidays from home


Top on the list is cooking. Many people are always busy with work leaving them without enough time on their hands to enjoy a nice meal. But now that you're on holiday or taking a break, this is the ideal time to step up your nutrition game and put your cooking skills to work.

It doesn't matter whether you're a professional chef or just a complete newbie like me. Because thanks to the internet, there are many legit recipes you can follow online and make the perfect meal.

Also, cooking is an amazing way to spend quality time with your date, family, and especially your kids. You don't know their potential until you give them a chance. In fact, they can be the perfect sous-chef hands down. Kids love baking, you can even make special holiday custom cookies together. Don't forget to take some pictures of your excellent food for memories, Instagram, and friends. Remember to celebrate as it's the simple things in life that matter.

Netflix and Chill 

If you're stuck at home during this pandemic, then this is the time to renew that movie subscription you let expire because you’re always busy to binge-watch a series.

There are very many categories of movies one can watch. It doesn't matter who you’re chilling with. If you're in the company of your family, you can watch family movies and comedies. There are also amazing shows and movies for kids that will make them adore you once you watch them together. To the lovebirds who love cuddling, you can invite your favorite person over for a good movie time. You can make some popcorn and watch romantic movies together. 

There are thrillers, documentaries, cooking shows, action, fantasy, drama, mystery, and horror movies. This is my favorite. You can also watch holiday movies like Christmas and Halloween movies.  

Decorate and make handmade gifts 

It’s no doubt you’ll find yourself with a lot of spare time. Therefore, it’s a perfect time to learn a new skill. You can decorate and make handmade gifts. You can enjoy your holiday by decorating your house and the environment appropriately. Custom decorations really go a long way because they set prominent emotions and even humor. I bet you’ve witnessed this during Halloween. Decorations are a good way to shed light on the events happening.

Another important thing you can do is to make special handmade gifts. Hand made gifts are special. In fact, they are more than just gifts. They are from the heart, this is because of the time, effort, and care put into making them. Instead of shopping for a gift for your loved ones’, try to make them a handmade diy gift. They'll love and cherish it more than that gift you bought online. 

Host or attend virtual dates and festival   

Another way to enjoy your holidays during this time is to host or attend online dates and festivals. Virtual dates are actually amazing. There are various apps you can use to host your dates. Zoom tops the list.  

Virtual dates are no less than normal dates. Therefore, you shouldn't attend your virtual date looking shabby. Dress up as you would on a normal date. Put on some makeup and wear your favorite dress. Set up the mood. Here are activities you can do during your virtual date to ensure it’s successful.

  • Cook together
  • Binge watch a movie together
  • Play a game
  • Double date

Join an online community

The best thing you can do during the holidays is to join an online community. With just one click, you can find the best community that fits your personality perfectly. Whether you're a gamer, looking for other gamers online, or you're a spiritual person looking for friends to meditate with, or you're just looking to make some friends. It doesn't matter what you're looking for, because help is a click away. All you need is a smart device and a good internet connection. 

Covid-19 may have challenged life as we know it but it sure as hell did not kill our spirit to cherish what really matters. This holiday, let the festivities visit you at your home as you enjoy your time with friends and family. You don’t need to travel miles away to have the best holiday. Sometimes all the happiness you need is right within you. Have a happy New Year and a splendid 2021. Happy Holidays!