January 22, 2020

Most all of us have probably heard of body detoxes and maybe even personally tried out a variety of them, but did you know a simple detox for your living space is important too?

During the colder weather months giving the house a detox can help improve air quality and exterminate some germs. Especially if you heat with wood, burn extra candles for a cozy atmosphere, or the family’s been passing around a flu bug.

How To House Detox

Analyze products you fill your home with. Just because an item is sold on a store shelf (or online) doesn’t automatically mean it’s safe. Read the ingredients and learn if they’re natural or synthetic. Many potentially toxic additives are contained in common household products and this contributes to indoor air pollution.

Let fresh air in. Whether it’s hot or cold outside, getting some good air exchange can be helpful for your home. Even if you can’t leave the doors or windows open very long it’s still good to do so.

Skip scented candles. Unless they’re truly achieving the fragrance through 100% natural means (like pure essential oils), burning scented candles may smell pleasing, but actually be polluting your living space as they flicker. Go unscented, or at the very least choose nontoxic candles made with natural scents.

Get rid of plastics. Here at Tampon Tribe we hate plastics! This goes for period supplies, and also food storage containers, product packaging, other common items like bags, straws, and so on. The endeavors of being plastic-free will not only help your home space, but also help avoid contributing to landfills and ocean pollution.

Take shoes off. If you knew what was really on the bottom of your shoes, this probably would become second nature. Implementing a “no shoes” kind of rule for your house, means requiring footwear removal right when you walk in the door. Creating this healthy habit helps leave the plethora of invisible toxins and germs on the doormat rather than all over your floors.

While there are many more ways you can freshen up your space and breathe healthier, a house detox is simple and can really be quite refreshing!