December 16, 2020

Nothing screams LOVE like a special hand-made gift from the heart. This Christmas holiday, gift your loved one with a personalized DIY gift made with love and joy. Because as we all know, “The best gifts come from the heart, not the store.” So here are 10 fun handmade holiday gifts to gift your loved one. Number 6 is my favorite one. Merry Christmas!

1. Instagram Calendar

diy instagram calendar

There’s one thing we check almost daily and that’s our calendar. Now, granted, our phones and computers have made it unnecessary to own one. But how cool would it be if you actually owned one with a personal touch? Like, really personal? That’s what an Instagram calendar is all about.


Plain cards

Marker pen

Printed Instagram photos of your loved one


Basically, take the cards and create a calendar out of them, writing dates on them while leaving space for gluing the photos. How you arrange them is left to your imagination. You don’t need 365 photos. You can repeat the photos. For example, you can choose one photo to represent an entire month. This way, they’ll be reminded of those happy moments the entire year.

2. Money tree

diy money tree

We agree that money isn’t the best gift, but who doesn’t love money, especially when it comes disguised beautifully as something else? Surprise!


Dollar bills

One-foot stick


You know how the mistletoe is shaped like, right? Now roll the bills and attach them on the stick using the string to hold them in place. Arrange them in decreasing size like the mistletoe. Increase the element of surprise by wrapping it with a gift wrapper.

3. Personalized mason jar

diy mason jar

Sometimes we just need all the little things we love using regularly in one jar. And that’s what this DIY gift will do.


A glass jar

Favorite personal items of your loved ones.

If she loves her candy, fill the jar with an assortment of her favorite candies. If she loves manicure, feel it with everything she needs for a salon-worthy manicure or pedicure in the comfort of her home. You be the judge.

4. Flavored vodka

diy cocktail

Sure, getting him an expensive drink from an online store sounds more enticing. But how about we make it more personal.


Cocktail recipe and ingredients

Unflavored Vodka

Empty bottle.

Even if you’re not a mixologist, you can make awesome cocktails with online recipes. Then use old bottles to store them, wrap them, and gift them out on Christmas day. Trust me, they’ll love every drop of it.

5. Custom sleeping eye masks

diy sleeping mask

We all love a good sleep. So that’s why this awesome hand-made gift is in our top 10 DIY Christmas gifts.


Cloth material

Elastic band

Put your home science skills to the test by creating a beautiful sleeping eye mask for your grandma. Add a personal touch with a warm message or be goofy with your decoration.

6. Instagram picture album

diy instagram album

This year has been a long one. But we all made memories. How about bringing those memories out of the virtual world and into the real world?


Printed Instagram posts of your loved one

Go on their Instagram profile and select their best photos for the past year. Print them out and make an album out of them. Don’t be afraid to be goofy and cheeky. Make it hilarious. Add a personal touch to the album cover by leaving them a warm message.

7. iPhone Easel Stand

diy phone easel stand

Our phones are an extension of ourselves. So how about something to protect it. Make this stand at home and personalize it to their phone. It doesn’t have to be an iPhone.

8. Monogrammed Mug

 diy mug

Want them to think of you every morning when they’re having their coffee? How about a personalized monogrammed mug?


Plain white mug

Oil Based Sharpie Markers

An oven

Use the marker to write anything you want. Make sure to use a good readable but beautiful font. Once done, place the mug in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Turn off and let it cool.

9. Colored Candles

diy colored candles

Gift them these awesome DIY rainbow candles to not only bring a warm ambiance in their house but a personal feel.



Paste food color (in their favorite colors)

Cotton string

You have to melt the candles in glasses and add the different food colors for each glass. Then add a bit of melted colored wax into a new glass and wait for it to cool before adding another melted colored wax until it’s a full colorful candle. Remember to have the string in the middle when adding the wax. Repeat until all the melted wax is used up. You can use the oven to keep the wax melted.

10. DIY Bookmark

diy bookmark

So they love reading. How about making them a beautiful ribbon bookmark and when they’re reading, you’ll always be on their mind. Okay, almost always.


9-inch velvet ribbons

Flat-nose jewelry pliers

Ribbon clamps

Affix the flat-nose jewelry pliers on one side and the ribbon clamp on the other. And there you have it. They can clamp the bookmark on their favorite book and use it.

We hope these 10 fun handmade holiday gifts will bring Holiday cheer to your loved ones. We’d appreciate it if you can add more and share the joy with others. Have yourself a splendid holiday season.