March 30, 2020

Wearing a face mask should become a fashion forward trend! Sounds silly, but more and more the results abroad and at home are becoming a strong argument for face mask wearers. Are organic face masks in our future?

Media and authority figures alike have said there’s little need to wear them. Others feel that they are uncomfortable, garnish unwanted attention, or just face peer pressure (no pun intended). There are a number of reasons that face masks have a social stigmaespecially in the United States.

While face masks don’t perfectly prevent healthy people from catching COVID-19, there are a few good reasons to beat the face mask stigma.

What Face Masks CAN Do!

We’ve heard about what they can’t do, but here are three reasons to consider sporting the mask in our increasingly populated world.

- Masks can reduce the spread of illness including coronavirus. Many people experience mild symptoms (some none), and the virus spreads even before symptoms show. This is why wearing a mask is a great preemptive measure. If you are ill and don’t know it yetyou won’t be infecting others unknowingly.

- Properly graded masks (like the N95) are extremely effective against other respiratory illnesses. What’s worse than catching a highly infectious coronavirus? Getting a cold, bronchitis, or pharyngitis along with it! This is called co-infection and can complicate diagnosis and recovery.

- Face masks can act as a face touching deterrent. Hand washing and not touching your face are two powerful tools to avoid getting sick! Wearing a face mask can help you be more conscious of not touching your face when in public.

Fashionable Common Sense

While it may not be comfortable or your preferred look, it makes a lot of sense to consider how we can be better equipped now and in the future to combat infectious disease.

So go ahead and strap on the maskwe think you look great!