December 02, 2020

Even though most swimming pools prohibit ladies on their periods from getting into the pool, it is definitely possible to swim while one is on their periods.  Here are a few ways you can swim safely without having to worry about your periods leaking into the water.

  • Using tampons.Tampons are the safest way to swim while on your periods, period! When inserted properly, tampons are leak-proof making them a favorite for swimmers.
  • Using menstrual cups. Like tampons, menstrual cups are perfectly okay to use while swimming. They are worn internally therefore blocking blood from flowing out. If you are not comfortable using a tampon, menstrual cups will do the trick.
  • There are swimsuits specially designed to make swimming during your menstruation easier. The inner layer fights bacteria and stops any smell from leaking while the outer layer is water-repellent thus stopping blood from flowing out as much as it stops water from getting  in.  Make sure you purchase the right size for it to function perfectly.
  • If you don't want to risk, this might not be the right choice but you can also swim without any kind of protection. The pressure from the water around you helps prevent any blood from leaking temporarily but once you laugh, cough or sneeze, the pressure may shift slightly causing a bit of blood to flow out. If it does, no need to worry since swimming pools are chlorinated to protect swimmers from bodily fluids. This prevents any spread of diseases.
  • Water pressure. Another reason blood doesn't flow out is because the cold water clumps the blood vessels temporarily.  This slightly slows down bleeding. Once out of the water, your period will flow normally.

Pads are not recommended since they are made out of absorbent materials. They will become soggy and end up messy. 

Did you know that you should actually swim more during your periods? During aerobic exercises such as swimming, your body releases endorphins which act as natural painkillers therefore reducing cramps.

Is it possible to get an infection from swimming during your periods?

It is highly unlikely to get any vaginal infection while swimming during your periods. This is because water doesn't enter into your body whether on your periods or not. Most complaints from the contaminated pool water are skin infections or stomach aches if you swallow water.

Is it also possible to delay your periods?

Hormonal contraceptives give you a choice to skip your periods. If you don't want to have them just yet, you can start the next pack immediately instead of taking a few days break. This will keep the periods away until you finish the next pack. If you don’t use oral contraceptives, you can ask your doctor to prescribe a pill callednorethindrone. You take it three to four days before your periods are due. It will stop your periods for about 20 days then your period will come after these days are over.

So your periods should not stop you from having a good time this summer. Go ye into the beaches and have some fun.