April 08, 2021

Periods can be extremely agonizing. Women experience different symptoms before and during their periods. Some experience severe headaches, abdominal pain, sad feelings, joint pain, moodiness, and acne, and this can make the whole experience stressful. What makes it even more fatiguing is because we have to go through the same pain every month.

Is there a way to conquer this misery? Absolutely. With the current technology, nearly everything is possible under the sun. Menstruation suppression is no longer a dream.

Can you stop menstruation once it has started? 

There are no documented methods women can apply to stop their periods once it has begun. However, this shouldn't be a cause of worry because instead of trying to halt your menstrual flow once it has started, you can speed it up. Speeding up menstruation is an excellent method of shortening your cycle. 

These approaches are a good way to make your periods end faster.

1. Exercise

A good healthy workout plan goes a long way in hastening your periods. Not only does it eliminate bloating, but it also relieves joint and abdominal pain. During workouts, there is intense muscle and body movement which facilitates the release of menstruation fluid.

Even though exercises speed up your period,  you should make it a habit to exercise even when you’re not in your periods as it will benefit your body. 

Also, if you want to experience regular periods, try and maintain your weight. This way, you will not have a fluctuating menstruation cycle. 

2. Having orgasmic sex

Having orgasmic sex is another superior method you can try to make your periods end faster.  When a woman orgasms during sexual intercourse, her uterine muscles contract. This leads to menstruation blood flowing out of the uterus. Also, you can achieve this through masturbation and other forms of sexual simulations. Orgasms are also a superior way of reducing pain during our periods. 

3. Using hormonal birth control

Hormonal birth control is a scientifically proven method of controlling menstrual flow. It is the best solution for women who have irregular menstruation cycles. Health providers administer hormonal birth control in two forms: birth control injection, and, if you suffer from transphobia, you can take oral birth control pills. Hormonal birth control regulates cramping and reduces the menstrual cycle. You should consult your doctor for the prescription before you make a move.

4. Water

When you drink a lot of water during your periods, your menstrual fluids become lighter, thus speeding up your periods. Also, drinking enough water relieves menstruation symptoms like cramps and abdominal pain. Health specialists advise women on their periods to increase their daily water consumption to have a smooth cycle.

5. Nutritional supplements

Nutritional supplements are not only consumed to maintain the general health of the human body, but women can also take them during their periods to ease and soothe menstruation. Recent studies have proven that zinc and magnesium reduce painful cramps. This is because they have anti cramping effects. You should consult your doctor before embarking on this journey.

6. Herbal medicine

Herbal supplements are another popular method of speeding your menstruation. Herbs work in mysterious ways. If you’re having heavy bleeding during periods,  try consuming a piece of ginger or myrtle fruit syrup. This will help you tremendously.

Stopping your menstruation long term?

1. Intrauterine devices (IUD)

An intrauterine device, well known as an intrauterine contraceptive, is a small T-shaped coil that is inserted in the uterus through the cervix. Normally, women use it to prevent pregnancies. The intrauterine device has been modified and can stop periods long term. Women can choose to get between a hormonal and a non-hormonal intrauterine device. Also, it’s reversible and you can get rid of it anytime you want to have a baby or if you are just tired of it.

2. Combined injectable contraceptives

Another proper method of stopping your period’s long term is by using the combined pill. These pills work by thinning the uterine walls and subduing ovulation. Hormones like estrogen and progestin are present in the pills, and they facilitate the thinning of the uterine walls. You should discuss with your doctor if you want to try the combined birth control pill.

3. Contraceptive implants

A Contraceptive implant is a hormone-based, highly effective implantable device used for birth control. It’s a small tube, with a length of about 40 mm that is inserted under the skin.  Women who use Contraceptive implants report experiencing fewer periods, lighter periods, and improved symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Contraceptive implants are long term and can last up to three years. Also, it is reversible and you can remove it once you’re ready to conceive. With very many brands available in the market, consult a professional health care provider before taking any action. 

4. Progestin-only injectable contraceptives (POICs)   

The most common example of progestin shot is the depot medroxyprogesterone acetate, well known as DMPA by Depo- Provera (brand name). Just like the name suggests, doctors administer progestin solo, and they don't fuse it with estrogen. Progestin shots should be administered by a professional health care provider once every two to three months. To suppress your menstruation fully, you must get a progestin shot thrice for an entire year.