February 01, 2021

Being together is a beautiful thing, and couples celebrate it by having anniversaries yearly. In the previous years, anniversaries have been easy as you could easily book a reservation go out, and enjoy your anniversary date. Recently the situation has changed due to COVID 19. 

In 2020 most countries went into lockdown, closing all public places like beaches, hotels, and restaurants, which were the most suitable places to hold your anniversary date. But all is not lost because, despite quarantine, couples can still celebrate their anniversaries and have an enjoyable moment. If you look at it from a different angle, you save some of the money you could have spent getting a reservation in the expensive restaurants and hotels thanks to quarantine. Here are five anniversary ideas when stuck in quarantine. 

1. Camping or Hiking

The first way of spicing up your anniversary date during quarantine is by deserting your home and going out camping. You'll be able to break the monotony of staying at home due to the lockdown. Also, celebrating your anniversary away from home will allow you to sneak away from the kids and have a lovely alone time with your partner. Additionally, you enjoy nature and reconnect with your soul, body, and mind. Taking a walk or hike with your partner is an opportunity to talk, crack jokes, laugh, and reconnect with each other. Besides, walking and hiking are great ways to exercise. 

2. Virtual anniversary dates

As a result of COVID 19, virtual dates have become famous among many couples, especially those in long-distance relationships and can’t meet up due to government traveling restrictions during the lockdown. Like a regular date, a virtual date can be enjoyable as long as you plan it well. You can use the following tips for your virtual anniversary date. Don’t let quarantine deter you from rekindling the best day of your life.

Throw in a candlelit dinner with your favorite wine and some soft, sexy, and romantic music,  play a game, have a coffee or tea together. Besides, you can binge-watch a movie together.

The trick for a successful virtual date is that you must do everything together from the moment you start your video. Good luck.

3. Picnics

Having a picnic is awesome especially if you can access a park in your locality. If not, you can have a picnic at the comfort of your backyard or the balcony if you live in a busy city and can’t access a park. All you need is a blanket and a basket of food or fruits. Don’t let the lack of grass stop you from having the picnic of your life.

Picnics are unique because you can make simple snacks from home like a sandwich and get fruits from your grocery store, and in the process, get to hang out with your sweetheart more.   

4. Netflix and chill

A movie night is an exceptional idea for an anniversary. Even though you probably watch a movie every day, sprinkling a little flavor can change normal binge-watching into an extraordinary anniversary event. Here are some creative ideas to make your movie night anniversary date a night you’ll never forget. First, make sure you get your favorite wine and save for the show. Secondly, you can create a  cinematic experience with unique lights similar to the one you witness at your preferred cinema or create cool posters indicating the movies you want to watch. Oh, and don’t forget the popcorn.

5. Order in

If you’re stuck at home during the lockdown on your anniversary, don’t throw in the towel. You can still experience your favorite restaurant from the comfort of your home. How? It’s simple, just palace an order, lol.

You can also make your date more interesting by ordering food from multiple restaurants and taste their foods compared to each other. Your quarantine anniversary date is the most desirable time to order from that new restaurant you’ve been eying for a while and have never had the chance to visit. You never know, their food might surprise you. They might become your favorite restaurant or your worst nightmare. But you’ll never know until you try them out. Make the first move.