April 13, 2020

Parents put forth a lot of effort into raising children. Now during this time of self-quarantine, school closures, and work from home circumstances, life no doubt feels even more overwhelming. Whether you’re trying to carve out some time to meet a deadline or just need a moment’s peace, here’s some great ways to keep your children entertained for a bit.

TV Off, Minds On

Living Room Fort
Give kids some blankets and let them use the sofa cushions and throw pillows to build an imaginary adventure. It could become their homemade “cave”, a “tent” out on the serengeti, the “rocket” floating through outer space, or a “clubhouse” to play and read in.

A Good Read
Speaking of reading, help your children appreciate the pleasure of books. Cloth books specially designed for toddlers can sharpen their motor skills with zippers, velcro, and button pages. Of course, chapter books for older children can get them involved in a great story adventure.

Card & Board Games
Depending on their ages, good old card and board games are fantastic for keeping kids entertained for hours. If they play by the rules or make up their own rendition, there’s no better time than now to whip out Checkers, teach them how to play Go Fish, or let them dive into Monopoly.

Pipe Cleaners
These soft, colorful wires only cost a couple dollars per pack and offer hours of quiet, creative playtime. Add an extra layer of busyness by giving kids the kitchen colander to “thread” the pipe cleaners through. It can be amazing to see how these simple stems become so many creations as they play.

Playing Pretend & Helping Out

Beyond the typical game of playing house, other ideas to entertain children at home can include playing pretend store, beauty salon, library, office, and so on.

Pull out some paper, teach them to make paper airplanes, and then encourage them to decorate their airliners with crayons or markers.

It can be good to include children in the household tasks you’re trying to accomplish. Things like folding laundry, setting the table for dinner, or baking a tasty treat.

Shelter-in-place won’t last forever, but for now, we all have to get creative to keep ourselves and our little ones entertained and healthy.