Mother And Child Standing In City Street

7 Important Manners For Your Children

Raising children can be an overwhelming task, but every good parent strives to patiently do their best and set their young ones up for a lifetime of success. Teaching kids from a young age to be kind and have manners is an important part. Here are seven manners every child should be taught:

#1 - Please & Thank You
Whether they’re asking for something they want, receiving something, or someone has helped them—these “magic words” as they’re often called are going to be needed all throughout life.

#2 - Excuse Me
From politely getting someone’s attention to bumping into someone in a crowd, this little phrase can go a long way.

#3 - Asking Permission
No, it’s true, you can’t hand over the keys to your 12 year old just because they asked nicely if they could drive, but teaching them the importance of asking permission when they want to do something, or use something, is powerful.

#4 - Respecting Privacy
Teach children that when you’re all at home it’s polite to knock on closed doors and wait for a response before entering the room.

#5 - Respond & Share In Conversation
Many kids are quite shy, but it is valuable to help them learn when and how to best share in conversation. This is especially so when they’re asked a question. Give them conversation confidence by preparing them to know how to answer basic questions like “how are you?”, along with the kindness of returning the question as well.

#6 - Don’t Litter
This one may come more naturally if your little “mini me’s” see you being eco-conscious. Proper trash and recycling efforts can be shared even from a young age, helping kids learn the value of not being litter bugs.

#7 - Health & Hygiene
Babies may not realize they’re sneezing right in your face, but toddlers need to be taught to cover their mouth when they cough, sneeze into the elbow, and use a tissue for boogies. Proper hand washing has never been more important than it is now! Help your kids spend time at the sink, properly sudsing and scrubbing.

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