February 16, 2021

Take it from me; you can get over your ex. I did it. You can do it. If it worked for me, it could work for you too, but you have to put in a little effort.

There are many articles online today about how to get over your ex, and they are reliable, but most of them fail In one part. They overcomplicate the process, and some make it seem like a hard nut to crack, which is not the case. 

Getting over an ex can be simple. I speak from experience.

Take it from a fellow girlfriend; getting over your ex as first as you can will save you a great deal. But before we discuss tips for getting over your ex, we must learn why it's essential to get over your ex.

Benefits of getting over an ex

  • Peace of mind

Breakups always cost most people their peace of mind as they are often disturbed and fantasize about the future of how things could have been with their exes.

  • Meet other people

If you don't get over your ex today, you are unlikely to meet other people and move on with your life because you're not free and your exes still occupy your heart. It's impossible to meet other people when the love of your life has broken your heart. Getting over them will help with that.

  • Focus on work, school, or passion.

After a breakup, it's tough for a person to concentrate and focus on their daily work because of the stress and pain. Sometimes, you even lack the energy to get off bed and get to work. I’ve been there. Getting over your ex is the only way you can enjoy your freedom again.

  • Happiness and bliss

Again breakups are so messy, and they lead to unhappiness, especially if you the vulnerable type. If you want to be happy and get back to your everyday life, you must get over your exes. You should not sacrifice your happiness for something that is in the past. Try your best to live in the present. Your ex is a sailed ship that has left the harbor.

 Getting over your ex

  • No contact rule

The best thing you can do for yourself and your healing after your breakup is to cut off any contact with your ex as soon as possible and completely. Even though it's not as easy as it sounds, the benefits you'll accomplish by taking these steps should give you the motivation to take action. You should not contact your ex because contacting them is against the goal you're trying to achieve, completely getting over them.   

You should also get off from social media for a while if you want to get over your ex, especially if you're new from a breakup especially if it was a norm for you and your ex to communicate through social media.

When you get off social media, you eliminate the chances of bumping into your exes amazing pics on Instagram or Facebook, which is a harrowing experience and is likely to trigger your memories, and eventually your love for him. And you should avoid that at all costs. 

Laura, my friend, once told me that after her break up with his boyfriend, she cried every single time she saw his exes pic on social media. You should not be the victim of the same situation. Get off social media, take a break, and come back after some time.

Another crucial step you can take is to unfollow your ex on all social media platforms. This way, you are cutting ties and will reduce the chances of you seeing their content while on social media.

Also, this is the right time to delete your exes phone number from your phone. You don't need it. If you memorized it, let it go, allow your mind to forget it because you don't need it anymore.

  • Stop fantasizing about your ex.

Almost everyone gets unending fantasies after a breakup. It’s normal. I mean, we’re all human, right?. But dreams can be a drawback, especially if you want to let go of your ex sooner.

You should, therefore, stop fantasizing about how things could have been if you were still together. Stop daydreaming about how you could have done something better or how your ex would have treated you better because you're putting a heavy burden on yourself, and the result is always more pain and more tears. Fantasizing about your ex is not going to bring them back.  

Another thing you should do is to let go of the memories you had during your relationship, and this is very difficult for most people because it’s challenging to get rid of the memories. Whether good or bad, you must delete these memories to have a fresh start.

To help get over your ex, get rid of things that remind you of them, like your exes clothes in your house, return them, and just get rid of them; it will do you right.

Even though you are likely to fantasize a lot after a breakup, you should try not to. But if you can't help it, just observe the thoughts and watch them fade and wash away. Don't let them get to you, accept it and move on.  

  • Accept your fate and make peace with it.

If you want to get over your ex, you have no choice but accept your fate and make peace. You will never heal unless you accept the fact that you're sick, first. There is no shame in admitting that you and your ex are done. As painful as it seems, acceptance is a big step towards getting over your ex, and you should take it today.

You should kick away any lingering thoughts of your ex after a break-up. Tell yourself your ex is not coming back, believe it, and accept it because it's the reality. If you want to get over your ex, you have to take the truth and work with it.

  • Love yourself

Above all, love yourself. It’s the most significant step towards getting over your ex.

When you love yourself, you are unstoppable. And by the way, remember you attract what you are; therefore, if you love yourself, indeed, you attract true love.

Additionally, if you want to get over your ex, you must thrive on being happy on your own. You don't need assistance to be cheerful or to love yourself because it all starts with you and within you. Therefore, be happy, be happy for yourself, appreciate yourself, for you're a survivor, and you'll get through the storm.

After a breakup, it’s the opportune time to give yourself some undivided attention. Also, focus on other people in your life. Spend more time with your family. Again, if you have a trustworthy friend or family, you can open up to, talk to them about your break up, and you'll be surprised how relieving it is to share your fears with the people who care about you and don’t judge you. Communicating with caring people and showing them your deepest scars is therapeutic.

  • Engage in different physical activities during your free time

Engaging in different activities during your free time is the ultimate way of changing focus after a breakup.

After a breakup, most people mop, sleep, and cry through the day about their exes, which worsens and might lead to stress, anxiety, and depression.

Therefore, instead of staying indoors throughout the day, get out, and engage in some physical activities. It's like therapy.

After a breakup, you spend some time at the gym, work on yourself, and improve yourself. It's on you to make yourself better.

Participating and focusing on other activities will help you not think and focus on your ex, which is a good thing, right?


Getting over your ex is not impossible but is upon you as an individual to make the first step as nobody will make you get over them. Therefore, it’s your sole decision and responsibility to make it happen as early as possible and get back on your feet!!