May 03, 2021

Sometimes you need a good cry. A tear-jerking film can easily take you there. There are thousands of somber movies you can go for. Instead of sending you to a pool of films, we’ve curated the best of them. 

Get your emotions purged up. Read below the bluest movies that are going to make those waterworks flow. Just grab your Kleenex and get rid of that make-up then be ready for a cry.

1. Steel Magnolias

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This is a 1989 film that involves a make-up streaking sad comedy. It’s about a beautician and a small township of southerners which she soon becomes friends with. In the film, Steel Magnolias has a way of grappling with one’s feelings, from crying a little to a series of unbreakable tears. You will definitely find yourself in tears as you own the sadness in the film.


2. Life is beautiful

life is beautiful

This is a very and exciting Italian drama produced in 1997. Here, your emotions are going to be triggered throughout your entire watch. Roberto Benigni acts as Guido is a jovial waiter whose happiness is cut short when he is imprisoned with his wife and son.

Benigni’s sad life is horrifying to watch. He'll set your emotions ablaze with his charisma and most tangible humor you've ever come across. But there is just nothing to hinder the flood that is about to carry him and his beloved. This drama will undeniably cause you to smile in the heart of total horror and sadness of the tough situation life takes him through.

3. The notebook

The notebook is an acted novel written by Nicholas Sparks in 2004. It's a best-selling novel that will set your eyes rising and falling with eliciting feelings. In front of your screen, the inseparable chemistry between Ryan Gosling and McAdams cannot escape you. The flow is so teary, and when you think you've had enough of it, you learn that it’s not over yet. 

Welcome to more triggering emotions of an enthusiastic couple fighting every odd against them as they get more attached with the episodes. The tough screens they go through will leave you drooling with a sad face.

4. P.S I love you

This script is a 2007 film with Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank as the starring couple. They act by the names Gerry and Holly, respectively. This drama starts with the death of Gerry, set dually in NYC and Ireland. The drama continues to unfold through a series of letters that Gerry leaves for Holly. This performance is the kind of movie with mixed emotions that will cause you to cry a river. Holly's tears are going to be your tears too. It's just unavoidable.

5. Beast of the southern wild

This movie will ride through your emotions with its electrifying and creative episodes of Ben Zeitlin's Beasts. Its imaginings are so tangible that they will set your mouth to thirst for soul nourishment. The achievements are so triumphant; you'll even want to embrace a stranger.

The tale of Hushpuppy on how she bears the force of nature at only six years of age and her dear papa, who lives in a Bathtub, is so dreadfully striking. Your heart will want to burst.

6. Lion

The lion was a true story cast in 2016. It's a true story about a little boy from India separated from his family with thousands of kilometers. By good luck, he escapes living in the streets and gets adopted by an Australian family but this is just another chapter of his terrific episodes of pains and tears. The film, narrates the toughness felt by this little boy trying to get through every hard situation. The last scene will wretchedly leave your eyes dry.

7. Moonlight

This 2016 movie is inevitably going to break your heart. It will make your senses feel like they have been in an assault. This tear-jerking film is a portrayal that cannot be expressed in words. Its moving nature will set you in a flood of tears.

It's a record of a life of a terrorized boy who grew up into a man fighting with his personality. Moonlight will make your heart sink into deep emotions and imaginations.

8. Once

This drama comprised two love birds and was cast in 2007. The play involves two musicians whose chemistry blend well being detached due to their allegiances and choices before they met each other. It's a star-crossed lover cast that occurs on one occasion in a lifespan, and it comprises the bests innovative music.

Irish auteur John Carney went against all odds with his perfect match, Marketa Irglova and Glen Hansard, who showcase a soul-ricking presentation. You will have no rest from tearing throughout as you watch these love birds fight tooth and nail for their union to stand in the whole film.

9. The Iron Giant

the iron giant

This script is not just an animated war script, and it's more of a weapon and guns war starring in 1999. You can misunderstand the iron giant or notoriously put it the way you feel it should be. Iron Giant is a warmly shaped tale that is heart-sickening.

It’s a tale of a boy who got a gigantic slaying robot machine to learn how to love, show empathy and become a hero. The boy’s tragic experiences with this robot in his efforts to influence this robot to change will send chills down your spine.

10. Toy story 2

toy story

You are the type that loves toy stories? Well, I have you sorted in this masterpiece. You'll surely love any choice you make from the Pixar library. Their materials are well-composed to weld you fully with tears.

Toy Story 2 will give you a good teary moment commencing its scene with the newly cowgirl character Jessie. Jessie conceals her horrific story compounded by a sorrowful Sarah McLachlan. They are singing Randy Newman's emotional song "When She Loved me " Your Kleenex will be wet with your teas when you're done watching  those sad episodes in Toy Story 2.


Been missing these waterworks during your movie time? Miss it no more. With the above selection of the best tear-jerking movies, you can get it all. Select any of them and get this superb experience. Whether from your couch, your covers, or while lying on your floor. Get to enjoy a sad   tearing moment full of weird imaginations.