Fresh Air Fried French Fries In Metal Mugs With Barbecue Sauce Potatoes And Salad Greens

A Healthier Way To Fry Food

No matter how healthy you try to eat, there’s just nothing quite like an order of hot french fries or the enjoyment that comes from some freshly cooked chicken wings. Foods like these often go beyond satisfying hunger and even provide comfort. The hazards of regularly consuming fried foods though are not hidden facts. So, have you considered an air fryer?

What Is Air Frying?

Think of a convection oven. Air fryers are similar as they are a countertop appliance that circulates hot air around to cook quickly. The moving air first cooks the outside of food, which creates a crisp golden coating, while keeping the inside of food soft and juicy.

There’s no deep pools of oil needed and no scary splashing or popping of hot grease going on. As the food cooks in the sealed oven, a container below the main basket catches any grease that does drop off.

Depending on the model you choose—cooking is fast, clean up is super simple, and most parts are usually dishwasher safe.

Frying A Healthier Way!

While acknowledging all cooked food is still cooked food, air fryers allow the enjoyment of the “fried” taste and feel we all seem to love, without the high amount of health hazards.

Take french fries for example. When you fry potatoes (or other starchy foods) the reaction that happens makes the chemical acrylamide. This is linked to a greater possibility of getting cancer. Using the air fryer method may actually lower the amount of acrylamide in fried potatoes by up to 90%.

To cook a batch of fresh fries in an air fryer, it takes as little as 2-3 tablespoons of oil—in contrast with the whole quart (or four cups) typically used in deep-frying. This factor alone helps to cut calorie and fat intake.

Seriously, it only takes a tiny drizzle of oil to cook, and it’s not even required. You can also use a variety of oils, choosing your healthiest favorite depending on the dish.

What Can I Air Fry?

Glad you asked! You can air fry practically anything you’d typically cook and enjoy. It’s not just for french fries—even if they are the favorite! Sweet potatoes cut into fry shapes are delicious air fried as well. Make a simple breading for zucchini or summer squash spears as another tasty veggie snack.

Chicken drumsticks very lightly drizzled with olive oil and seasonings of your choice cook up quickly and taste just like fried chicken! Burger patties (meat or vegan style) work beautifully in an air fryer. Acorn or butternut squash halves also soften to a superb texture and offer an awesome meat-free meal option. You can even make baked goods!

The choices are endless and if you decide to try an air fryer out, be sure to use it as a culinary adventure—experiment with fun recipes and add some healthy new ingredients to your weekly meal menu.



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