Exercising while on your period

Exercising while on your period

Exercise is necessary for wellness, wellbeing, physical fitness, and the overall health of the human body.

A lot of women find it tricky and awkward to engage in exercise activities during their periods. And they have every reason to skip the gym during their periods.

But a healthy workout routine really goes a long way in making a period days tolerable. Women who exercise during their periods report enjoying awesome benefits. For example, studies show that exercising during your periods lessens the menstrual cycle.

Exercising and maintaining your weight is beneficial both in the short term and in the long run. It helps eliminate heavy bleeding in overweight women. Obese women experience painful cycles because they have excess estrogen from fat cells. Exercise burns out this fat, thus saving them from heavy bleeding and painful cramps. Also, a lot of women report having improved hormonal balance after exercising during their periods.

There are various exercises you can do during your period and some that you must avoid at all costs.  


Other benefits of exercising while on your periods include:

Premenstrual syndrome symptoms (PMS) relief

If you're looking to ease and eliminate PMS symptoms, then you should hit the gym during your periods. Ignore the talk and the myths about exercising while on your periods. Actually, you don't have to visit a gym physically. You can train from the comfort of your home. Simple: wear some gym clothing, grab a mat, and do some lightweight exercise or just go for a walk. Lightweight exercises will ease symptoms like;


  • Pain
  • Cramps
  • Bloating
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability 

Increase your strength and power

Even though periods can overwhelm and drain your system, it also increases your strength. If you feel weak during your periods, you can exercise, take a shower and you'll recover all your strength and power.  

Spirit and mood lifter

Exercises are the perfect way to raise your spirits, lift your moods, and kick out depression while on your periods. If you are the person who feels low and your depression kicks in during your period, make exercises a norm.

Best exercises to do while on your period

Exercising during your period can be sensitive. Therefore, you need to perform only the exercises that your body can stomach. You should do light exercises, especially during the initial days of your period when you experience heavy bleeding. And later adjust your workout schedule accordingly.

Here are some excellent exercises to do during your periods.

Light walking 

This is the simplest exercise of all. You can walk fast or slow depending on your period intensity. If you're bleeding heavily, handle yourself gently. You are a rose. Just take a step at a time.    

Simple Yoga and pilates

Yoga is medicine. Engaging in yoga activities during your period will ease your symptoms enormously. It relieves symptoms like fatigue, nausea, cramps, and soreness. Also, yoga helps you calm down, eventually. If you're uncomfortable performing yoga, you can stick to simple exercises like walking. 

Light cardio and aerobics

Light cardio is any light exercise that will raise your heart rate gradually but without skyrocketing it. During your period, you can do light cardio and aerobics like walking, swimming, simple hikes, and simple jogging.

Stretching and balancing

You can perform simple Tai Chi movements and techniques to help you stretch and find your balance. You can do Chi gong movements as well. 

Strength training and power exercises

Health experts have shown that women experience energy level spikes in the initial days of menstruation. Therefore, if you are up to the task, you can undergo strength training and power exercises. You can strictly lift lightweights and avoid heavyweights at all costs. 

Things to avoid while exercising on your period

Exercising during your period should remain fun and exciting just like any normal workout routines. Therefore, you shouldn't go the extra mile while exercising. You must be gentle with yourself, treat yourself like a flower. Do not strain or overstretch your body as this may lead to extra pain and heavy bleeding during your periods. This means you should have the right volume of exercises that will not interfere with your normal cycle.

Avoid the following practices during your periods

  • Complicated yoga poses like the inversion type yoga poses
  • Strenuous and prolonged exercises
  • Endurance training

Even though working out during your periods is healthy, you should listen to your body carefully and detect whatever it's trying to tell you. Like if you feel nausea, headaches, pain, or any other form of discomfort during your exercises, the best thing to do is to take a break. If the discomfort continues, do not proceed with any exercises. There's always a next time. 

Maintain proper hygiene while exercising on your periods 

Proper hygiene is necessary while you exercise during your periods. You should carry with you and use period products during your workouts. This way you’ll avoid any leaks.

After your workout routine, take a shower, and change your underwear and clothing. Also, use a new set of tampons or pads, menstrual cups, or discs. Whatever you use, you must take care of yourself and maintain proper hygiene.

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