Using Social Media Before you Launch Your Product or Service

Get Notified is pleased to have Jennifer Eden, founder of Tampon Tribe as our special guest. Tampon Tribe ( is an energetic social impact project. Jennifer shares her vision about how together, we can prevent toxins from entering the Earth and our bodies. She is creating fun and powerful tribe of men and women who want to help provide women with access to certified organic, toxic-free, and affordable tampons. Jennifer is joined by Dustin Dye, startup consultant and membership Guru at Expert DOJO ( Working with Expert DOJO, a high performance center for entrepreneurs that uses their ecosystem of Experts and resources to help startup succeed, Jennifer is building her Social Media footprint prior to the launch of her product line. The conversation includes how to prepare for a crowdfunding campaign and how to leverage Social Media before your product or service is ready. We also get in a fight with Google. Tune in and “Get Notified” to learn and laugh!

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Article’s Author: Ryan Foland
Article Originally Published On: August 30, 2016,